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What Is a Life Celebration? Tips on Planning One

Regardless of whether you and your family are going to bury a loved one following their death or cremate them, you should try to hold some special services at one of the funeral homes in Longboat Key, FL to celebrate their life. You can, of course, have a traditional funeral service for them. You can also stage a memorial service. But these days, more and more families are holding what are called life celebrations. So, what is a life celebration, and how can you go about planning one? Find out below.

What is a life celebration?

A life celebration is pretty much exactly what it sounds like based on its name. It’s an event that is designed to celebrate a person’s life. More often than not, families will opt to hold life celebrations for their loved ones sometime after their burials or cremations. But you and your family are welcome to hold a life celebration for a loved one whenever you would like. You’ll also have plenty of options when it comes to where you can hold a life celebration.

What makes a life celebration different from a traditional funeral or memorial service?

A life celebration is different from both a traditional funeral and a memorial service in that it’s meant to feel more like a party than a funeral. When people attend a life celebration for a loved one, they don’t sit in a Longboat Key, FL funeral home and cry. Instead, people will often sing, dance, and carry on in other ways while at life celebrations. Part of the reason why life celebrations have become so popular is that they really make families feel like they’re celebrating a person’s life and all that they accomplished rather than just being sad over a person no longer being around.

How can you go about planning a life celebration?

If your family is interested in holding a life celebration for a loved one, you’ll need to let a funeral home know about it. You’ll also need to decide when you would like to have the life celebration and where you want to have it. You can have it at a funeral home if you want, but you can also have a life celebration at a restaurant, a catering hall, a park, or almost any other venue. It’ll be up to your family to pick a place that will encourage people to kick back and relax while celebrating their loved one’s life.

funeral homes in Longboat Key, FL

Is a life celebration right for your loved one?

Only you and your family can make a final decision as far as whether or not a life celebration would be right for your loved one. You should speak with a funeral director from a reputable funeral home to get more information on life celebrations. You should also do some soul-searching and think about what your loved one would have wanted. Many families land on life celebrations because they know their loved ones would have wanted them to celebrate their lives instead of crying over their deaths.

Are you and your family looking into the possibility of holding a life celebration for a loved one? If you are, our funeral home can help you plan one. We can also help you make other Longboat Key, FL funeral arrangements for your loved one. Reach out to us to discover more about our funeral services.

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