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Ways To Personalize A Funeral

There are many ways to personalize a funeral from funeral homes in Sarasota, FL, to honor the deceased’s life and comfort those grieving. From choosing a meaningful playlist to celebrating your loved one with their favorite food, here are some ideas you can use.


The music played at a funeral can make a big difference in how your loved one’s life is remembered. If you have specific songs essential to your family and friends, it’s acceptable to ask the funeral home if they can play them during the service. You can also ask them to start playing music as soon as guests arrive so that they have time to gather their thoughts before they head inside.


Food often plays an essential role in commemorating the life of someone who has passed away. Since we usually eat together with friends and family, food is vital to bonding and sharing memories. Therefore, it should be part of any funeral celebration as well. The type of food served will vary depending on what tastes good together.

However, when planning your menu options, always keep in mind any dietary restrictions or allergies that may exist among those attending your event, so everyone feels comfortable eating everything being served.

Include A Personal Video

A video is a great way to personalize your funeral at a funeral home in Sarasota, FL. It can be as simple as footage of the deceased enjoying their favorite hobby or event, or it could include a video montage of their life.

If you don’t have any video footage, consider recording your loved one’s favorite song, movie, or TV show and playing it at the funeral service. It will bring back fond memories in those who knew them well while also providing insight into who they were as people.

Create A Memorial Display

A memorial display is one of the best ways to personalize a funeral. It can be something as simple as a table full of photos and other mementos or something more elaborate, like an entire room decorated with personal items that your loved one collected over the years.

Share Your Personal Story At The Service

One of the best ways to personalize a funeral is to share your personal story at the service. Introducing yourself and discussing your relationship with the deceased can help other attendees better understand how they knew them. You may want to prepare for this speech by writing it down beforehand. In addition, consider keeping your speech short and sweet.

funeral homes in Sarasota, FL


There are many ways to personalize a funeral service. From choosing songs that remind you of the deceased to creating a memorial display with photos of their life, these tips will help you make an unforgettable experience for your loved ones.

When planning a funeral, you must make sure you have chosen the best funeral homes in Sarasota, FL. The right funeral home can help you personalize a perfect funeral for your loved one, and they will guide you through the process so that it isn’t overwhelming or stressful. When you work with us, we’ll help you plan a ceremony that celebrates the life of your loved one and honors their memory.

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