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Tips on Finding a Celebrant for a Loved One’s Memorial Service

Even though you’re going to be holding cremation services in Longboat Key, FL for a loved one, you shouldn’t let it stop you from staging some kind of funeral for them. You can hold a traditional funeral for your loved one right before their cremation takes place. You can also stage a memorial service for a loved one in the aftermath of their cremation. If you choose to go in this direction, just make sure that you bring the right celebrant on board for it. They’ll ensure that everything goes smoothly. Here are some tips on tracking down a great celebrant.

Ask your funeral home if they have an in-house celebrant that you can use.

Most funeral homes can help families planning Longboat Key, FL cremations these days. They can also lend a hand to families when it comes to finding celebrants. These funeral homes will often have in-house celebrants that can host memorial services for people if you would like. With this in mind, you should kick things off by asking your loved one’s funeral if they have any celebrants available.

See which other celebrants specialize in serving those in your area.

If your loved one’s funeral home doesn’t have any celebrants or if you just want to see which other celebrants are out there, Google “celebrants near me.” This will set you up with a long list of local celebrants that you can consider. You should generate a list of these celebrants and do your research on all of them. They should have either websites or Facebook pages established that will allow you to learn a lot more about them and the services that they can provide.

Check out the reviews that local celebrants have received.

In addition to looking at the websites and/or Facebook pages for local celebrants, you should also find out if you can locate some online reviews for them. These reviews should reveal what different celebrants are going to bring to the table should you work with them. If a celebrant has lots of positive reviews from people who have worked with them over time, you’ll have a lot more confidence in their ability to assist you and your family.

cremation services in Longboat Key, FL

Find out what it’ll cost to work with all of the celebrants in your area.

There is usually going to be some kind of a cost that’ll come along with working with a celebrant. This will be especially true if you work with a celebrant that isn’t from your loved one’s funeral home. It would be worth shopping around to see what the costs will be like if you pick different celebrants. You should try to find one that is definitely going to be well within your budget.

Do you need help finding a celebrant while planning a loved one’s Longboat Key, FL cremation and memorial service? We can give you the assistance that you need so that you’re able to locate a great celebrant. Contact us now to speak with one of our skilled funeral directors.

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