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Things You Can Do With a Person’s Remains After Cremation Services

Once your loved one’s cremation services in Lakewood Ranch, FL are complete, you and your family are going to receive their cremated remains. At that point, it’ll be up to you to decide what exactly you want to do with them. You’ll have several options as far as what you can do with their remains, and you should take the time to learn about each of them. Here are several things that you can do with a person’s remains following their cremation services.

Put them out on display in your home.

Would you and your family like to keep your loved one’s remains in your possession at the end of their Lakewood Ranch, FL cremation? You’re more than welcome to put them into an urn and then take them home with you. Many families will create displays in their homes that include their loved one’s urn and photos of them. It’s a great way for families to maintain a connection with their deceased family members as they move forward.

Bury them in a cemetery.

Would you and your family rather not have your loved one’s remains in your home? Some families don’t like the responsibility that comes along with protecting a loved one’s remains. Others don’t love the idea of having a person’s remains in their homes. Whatever the case, you’ll also have the option to bury your loved one’s remains in a cemetery if you would like. This is a terrific option for families who want to put their loved one’s remains in a spot that’s safe while also providing their fellow family members and friends with a place to go and visit the remains.

Store them in a columbarium.

Do you like the idea of keeping your loved one’s remains someplace outside of your home but don’t like the thought of burying them in the ground? You might also want to consider storing your loved one’s remains in what’s called a columbarium. It’s a structure located inside of a cemetery that features different cremation niches that are designed to hold urns in them. You can have your loved one’s urn placed into one of these niches for safekeeping and enjoy all the same benefits that you would if you were to bury your loved one’s remains.

Scatter them someplace special.

Did your loved one specifically request for your family to scatter their remains in a special place, or does your family think that this would be the best option for them? Then you should try and come up with the right place to put your loved one’s remains and hold a scattering ceremony for your loved one there. Doing this will require you to part ways with your loved one’s remains forever, but it’ll also provide your family with a special place to gather anytime you want to remember your loved one.

cremation services in Lakewood Ranch, FL

Before you can even begin to kick the tires on any of the ideas listed here, you’re going to need to have your loved one cremated at a Lakewood Ranch, FL funeral home. Let Maloney Funeral Home LLC handle every aspect of the planning process as you make funeral arrangements for your loved one. Contact us today for more information on our cremation services.

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