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The Grieving Process

The grieving process is long, messy, and often confusing. There’s no set path for how we feel when someone dies and gets cremated by a cremation service in Lakewood Ranch, FL, and that can make things even more difficult.

But there are some general stages that people tend to experience after losing someone they love. And for you to move forward with your life after experiencing a loss or tragedy, you need to understand these stages and know that not everyone goes through them precisely like this.

Step 1. Denial and Isolation

Denial can be a common defense mechanism when we are grieving. Denial is a way to protect yourself from pain, but it can also be a way to protect your loved one who has passed away from pain. The idea that they are gone, and you cannot change that fact, is often too much for us to accept at first.

Step 2. Anger

Anger is a normal part of the grieving process. You may experience anger toward yourself, others, or God. Anger can be expressed in many ways, including yelling, crying, or getting angry with yourself for feeling angry. It is essential to know that it is okay to feel angry and that your feelings are valid, even if they make you uncomfortable.

Step 3. Bargaining

Bargaining is the third stage of grief when your loved one dies or is cremated by a cremation service in Lakewood Ranch, FL. In this stage, you want your loved one back. You may also believe that things could be different if you do enough to make up for their passing or if they hadn’t died.

At this point, many people will turn to religion or pray for miracles to happen. Others will seek out psychics and mediums in hopes of speaking with their loved one again.

Step 4. Depression

Depression is a normal part of the grieving process and can be triggered by a specific event or loss, like the death of a loved one. As with all other stages of grief, depression is not something you should ignore. Depression will only get worse if left untreated.

To cope with this feeling:

  • Try to focus on positive things in your life (friends/family)
  • Exercise regularly and eat healthy meals
  • Visualize yourself happier than you currently feel

Step 5. Acceptance

It is the last step in the grieving process, but it can also take a long time to reach. Acceptance means that you are at peace with what has happened, even though it may not be what you had hoped for.

Accepting someone’s death doesn’t mean that you don’t miss them or that memories of them don’t bring tears to your eyes. Instead, it means that when those things happen now and then, they won’t stop you from living fully because there is no more fear of losing people around us. After all, we already have lost them.

cremation service in Lakewood Ranch, FL


The process of grieving is not a straight line. You can feel multiple emotions at once, skip steps and even go back to old ones for a little bit before moving forward again.

If you need help with your cremation needs, the best cremation services in Lakewood Ranch, FL, can help you make the right decision to honor the memories of your loved ones. They are dedicated to helping you with all of your end-of-life needs.

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