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Staff Members You Will Work With at Funeral Homes

When you’re trying to decide which of the funeral homes in Lakewood Ranch, FL to work with, you should obviously consider the locations of different funeral homes as well as the general appearances of different funeral homes. But it’s important to take things a step further than that. In addition to considering those factors, you should also take a good, long look at the staff members who you will work with at funeral homes. They’re going to play a huge part in what kind of experience you have with a funeral home. Here are some of the staff members that you might cross paths with when you’re making funeral arrangements at a funeral home.

Funeral directors

When you’re planning funeral services for a loved one at a Lakewood Ranch, FL funeral home, you’re going to spend most of your time working side-by-side with a funeral director. A funeral director will be the one who will walk you through the funeral planning process from start to finish. They’ll make sure that you put a loved one’s funeral services into place properly. They’ll also lend a hand when it’s time to actually carry your loved one’s funeral services out. It’s very important for you to have a good rapport with the funeral director who is assigned to assist you.

Funeral assistants

Although funeral directors will be the ones leading families through the funeral planning process, they aren’t going to be able to do this alone. They’ll also typically rely on funeral assistants who will help them with all of the funeral planning that will need to be done. While you’re familiarizing yourself with a funeral home’s funeral directors, you should also try to meet some of the funeral assistants that they will have working for them. You want to make sure that they’re going to do everything in their power to make funeral planning easier on you.

Cremation specialists

If you’re going to be cremating a loved one through a funeral home, you’ll want to be sure that they have cremation specialists who can help you do it. Many funeral directors will also be able to serve as cremation specialists. But some funeral homes will have dedicated cremation specialists that they’ll assign to work with families. These cremation specialists can make the cremation planning process so much simpler than it would be otherwise for you and your family.

funeral homes in Lakewood Ranch, FL


Regardless of whether you’re going to bury or cremate a loved one, you will likely want to celebrate their life in some way. In some cases, this will mean that you’ll hold a traditional funeral for them. In other instances, it’ll mean that you’ll stage a memorial service or a life celebration for them. Whatever the case, you will need to bring a celebrant on board to help with the planning of a funeral, memorial service, or life celebration. You’ll also need to have a celebrant host the specific type of funeral services that you choose. You should make sure that a funeral home will be able to set you up with a celebrant who will do a great job across the board.

When you plan Lakewood Ranch, FL funeral services for a loved one through our funeral home, you’ll work closely with experienced staff members who will see to it that your needs are met. Reach out to us today to schedule a tour of our facility where you’ll be able to meet many of the staff members that you’ll work with.

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Cremation Services Near Me: How to Find the Best Option

Finding funeral homes that can provide you and your family with cremation services in Sarasota, FL should be pretty easy to do. Just Google “cremation services near me” and you’ll see a long list of potential options appear. But how are you supposed to know which option will be the best one of the bunch? That’s the question you should ask yourself prior to picking one. Take a look at our guide on how to find the best funeral home for cremation services below.

See which funeral homes have been providing cremation services the longest.

If you’re going to trust a funeral home to provide you with cremation services, you want to know that they know what they’re doing. One way to see which funeral homes know how to plan Sarasota, FL cremations is by seeing how long they’ve been doing it. Ideally, you want to work exclusively with a funeral home that has been carrying out cremations for years, if not decades, now. Many funeral homes are just starting to conduct cremations after seeing the popularity of cremation services spike. You should shy away from working with funeral homes like this and find a more experienced one instead.

Learn about the specific cremation services that funeral homes can provide.

Although many funeral homes can offer cremation services these days, not all of them are equipped to carry out the same services. Some of them only dabble in cremation by providing direct cremation services. Others are able to provide families with all the cremation services they could ever want. You should have some general idea of which cremation services you’ll need so that you can find a funeral home that will check all the boxes for you.

Read online reviews for the funeral homes that specialize in providing cremation services.

Prior to choosing one funeral home over all the rest for cremation services, you should make sure that they come highly recommended by others. It would be well worth reading through as many online reviews for funeral homes as you can so that you’re able to see which ones have the best reputations around. If a funeral home has a lot of negative reviews, that will be a pretty obvious red flag. You’ll want to shy away from working with funeral homes like this and focus on the ones that have tons of positive reviews.

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Calculate how much cremation services will cost at different funeral homes.

Different funeral homes are going to charge different prices for their cremation services. It’s one more reason why you shouldn’t be too quick to select the funeral home that you want to obtain cremation services. You should always compare the cremation costs available at different funeral homes to see how much they’ll set you back. It’ll make it easy for you to find funeral homes that are going to fit into your budget while you’re putting cremation plans into place.

Don’t just Google “cremation services near me” and pick the first funeral home that pops up when you need to plan a Sarasota, FL cremation. Use the tips listed here so that you consider all your options and choose the best funeral home. Contact us to hear why you should consider using our funeral home for a loved one’s cremation services.

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Reasons to Attend a Funeral Pre-Planning Seminar

Has the thought of pre-planning your own funeral services at one of the funeral homes in Sarasota, FL crossed your mind? If it has, you might want to look into the possibility of attending a funeral pre-planning seminar sometime soon. A lot of funeral homes have started to hold these seminars in an attempt to teach people about the funeral pre-planning process and all that it entails. Continue reading to see some of the reasons why you should think about attending a funeral pre-planning seminar.

To hear more about what funeral pre-planning is

If you just started to mull over the idea of pre-planning your own Sarasota, FL funeral services, you might not know much about what funeral pre-planning is. Attending a funeral pre-planning seminar will give you an opportunity to change that ASAP. You can learn all about the funeral pre-planning process and see how it works. You’ll also get the chance to ask any and all questions that you might have about pre-planning your own funeral services.

To find out about some of the benefits of funeral pre-planning

While you’re at a funeral pre-planning seminar, you’ll be able to do more than just hear how the pre-planning process works. You’ll also get some much-needed insight into what the benefits of funeral pre-planning will be. You’ll hear about the peace of mind that it will provide for you. You’ll also hear about how your family will benefit from you taking the time to put funeral plans into place in advance. You’ll feel better about deciding to pre-plan your own funeral services after hearing about how beneficial it’ll be for you to do it.

To see how you can start the funeral pre-planning process

Once you know more about the funeral pre-planning process, you might want to begin making funeral plans for yourself right away. A funeral pre-planning seminar will equip you with all the tools that you’ll need to get the pre-planning process underway. You’ll be well aware of which steps you’ll need to take to get the process moving in the right direction. It’ll make the whole thing so much less intimidating than it would be otherwise.

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To arm yourself with information so that you can discuss funeral pre-planning with your family

If you’re going to go through with pre-planning funeral services for yourself, it’ll obviously be something that you’ll want to discuss with your family. And they’re no doubt going to have a million and one questions that they’ll want to ask you about funeral pre-planning. You won’t have to worry about not having the necessary information to provide to your family. They’re going to feel more comfortable with the idea of you pre-planning your own funeral services when you break down the process for them.

Would you like to attend a funeral pre-planning seminar so that you can see how the funeral pre-planning process works? Our Sarasota, FL funeral home has pre-planning seminars that you can come to in order to get additional information. Call us today to find out when the next one will be.

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What Is a Scattering Garden? What You Should Know

Are you uncomfortable with the idea of scattering a loved one’s remains in some random place that you’ll probably never visit again? If you are, then you might want to learn more about scattering a loved one’s remains in what is called a scattering garden. This is a great option for those trying to decide what to do with a loved one’s remains following their cremation services in Longboat Key, FL. Find out everything you need to know about scattering gardens below.

What is a scattering garden?

A scattering garden is a garden found in a cemetery that is used exclusively for the purpose of scattering people’s remains following their Longboat Key, FL cremations. Many cemeteries have started to set up scattering gardens for families so that they can scatter their loved one’s remains in a safe place. The cremation rate has risen rapidly over the last 25 years, so cemeteries have seen the demand for scattering gardens go up and have responded accordingly.

Why are scattering gardens becoming more popular?

Scattering gardens have become more popular in recent years because they provide families with a place close to home where they can scatter their loved one’s remains. Families can go back and visit these scattering gardens in an effort to visit their loved ones whenever they want. They can also scatter their loved one’s remains in the same place where they’ve buried many of their other loved ones. It’s a big part of the reason why so many families are deciding to scatter loved one’s remains in scattering gardens today.

Where can you find a scattering garden?

If your family is interested in finding a scattering garden that you can use to scatter a loved one’s remains, you shouldn’t have too much trouble tracking one down. There should be at least a few scattering gardens in your general area. You can find one by Googling “scattering garden near me.” You can also find one by speaking with a funeral director from a funeral home. They’ll be able to talk to you about the scattering gardens that exist in your city.

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What does it cost to use a scattering garden?

Every cemetery takes a little bit of a different approach to charging families for using their scattering gardens. Because of this, it can be difficult to pinpoint an exact price for them. But you can get to the bottom of what it’ll cost you to scatter a loved one’s remains in a scattering garden by calling around to different cemeteries. These cemeteries should be able to shed some light on what you can expect to pay for the right to scatter a loved one’s remains.

If you and your family want to scatter a loved one’s remains in a scattering garden after their Longboat Key, FL cremation is complete, our funeral home may be able to help you do it. Give us a call to learn all about the options that you’ll have once you receive a loved one’s remains back.

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Tips for Deciding What to Wear to Funeral Homes

Once upon a time, it was incredibly easy for people to pick out what they were going to wear to funeral homes in Longboat Key, FL. Men wore black suits, women wore black dresses, and that was that. But in recent years, many funeral homes have relaxed their standards when it comes to what people should wear to funeral homes. It has made it a little more challenging for people to settle on outfits. Check out some tips for deciding what to wear to funeral homes.

Stick with wearing something on the more formal side.

Although you don’t necessarily need to wear a black suit or a black dress to a Longboat Key, FL funeral home anymore, that doesn’t mean you should just wear whatever you want. You should still err on the side of caution by dressing up in something that’s at least fairly formal. If possible, you should still try to stick with a suit or a dress. But you can also get away with something like slacks and a button-up or slacks and a blouse if you would like as long as you look nice and presentable.

Try not to wear any colors that are too bright.

You aren’t required to wear black to funeral homes anymore. But at the same time, you shouldn’t show up in, say, a bright red or bright blue suit or dress, either. Generally speaking, you should always try to wear colors that are on the darker side so that you don’t stand out at a funeral home too much. You can still wear black if you want. You can also wear navy, charcoal, or brown if you’re interested in trying something a little bit different.

Avoid clothing that is filled with busy patterns.

In addition to steering clear of any wearing any bright colors to a funeral home, you should also make it a point to avoid any clothes that have very busy patterns on them. Clothes that have things like stripes and polka dots on them should be left at home in your closet when you’re attending funeral services. You’re likely going to distract other people if you show up to a funeral home wearing them. You’re better off going with clothes that feature solid colors.

Dress as modestly as you can when visiting a funeral home.

Modesty is going to be the key when you’re getting dressed up for funeral services. Men should not wear shorts that show off their legs. They also shouldn’t wear any shirts that have deep V-necks on them. Women, on the other hand, should not wear low-cut blouses or skirts/dresses that are too short. If men or women wear any of these things, it’s going to set them apart and make them the main attraction in many cases. And that is exactly what you do not want when you’re picking out what to wear to a funeral at a funeral home.

Do you want to get some additional tips on what you should wear to Longboat Key, FL funeral services at a funeral home? We can provide you with more advice on choosing an outfit for them. Reach out to us to get the information you need.

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Reasons to Buy a Scattering Tube for Remains

If you and your family have decided to scatter a loved one’s remains at the conclusion of their cremation services in Lakewood Ranch, FL, you may want to consider putting these remains into a scattering tube first. Although you don’t have to buy a scattering tube if you don’t want to, it’s a great item to pick up for the purposes of scattering a person’s remains. We’ve come up with a list of reasons why you might want to invest in a scattering tube. Take a look at them below.

To keep a loved one’s remains safe until it’s time to scatter them

More often than not, families won’t hold Lakewood Ranch, FL cremations for their loved ones and then scatter their remains right away. They’ll wait a few days, weeks, or even months before scattering them. If that’s what your family is planning to do, you’ll be able to ensure that your loved one’s remains stay safe and sound by sticking them into a scattering tube. It’ll provide them with more than enough protection until the day when you choose to scatter them.

To help transport a loved one’s remains to the place where they’ll be scattered

Once you decide where you’ll hold a loved one’s ash scattering, you’ll need to get the remains to that place. What better way to do this than by bringing a scattering tube along with you? You could technically stick a scattering tube into a number of other types of containers. But a scattering tube is going to be the easiest option of all. It’ll help you get remains from point A to point B in one piece.

To make it easy to scatter a loved one’s remains

After your loved one’s remains arrive at the place where you’ll scatter them, you will likely want to hold a special ash scattering ceremony. Then, you’ll want to go through with actually scattering the remains. If you have the remains in, say, a cardboard container, you might struggle to scatter them just a bit. But if you have them in a scattering tube, you’ll find that it will be very easy to scatter them. You’ll be able to maintain more control over where the remains land when they’re coming out of a scattering tube.

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To serve as an invaluable keepsake

At the end of your loved one’s ash scattering, you won’t be left with any of their remains. But if you invested in a scattering tube, you will be left with it when everything is all said and done. You can use this tube as a keepsake that will remind you of your loved one for many years to come. You and your family will be so glad that you took the time to buy it after you experience how invaluable it will be to you.

Would you like to find a scattering tube and use it after a loved one’s Lakewood Ranch, FL cremation? We can help you find one that you like. We can also assist you as you seek to plan out a loved one’s cremation from start to finish. Contact us now to talk with a funeral director about our cremation services.

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How to Practice Self-Care When Planning a Funeral

When families plan funeral homes in Lakewood Ranch, FL, it can really take a lot out of them. It’s why people should always do their best to practice good self-care when they’re planning funeral services. It’s not necessarily going to be easy to do this, especially when you have a million and one other things on your plate. But you should still give it your all and try to make self-care a top priority. Here are just a few ways in which you can practice self-care when planning a funeral.

Eat three meals each day.

Oftentimes, families will completely forget to stick to a normal eating schedule when they’re in the midst of planning Lakewood Ranch, FL funeral services. You should try not to skip even a single meal when you’re working your way through the funeral planning process. If you’re not eating enough, it can have an impact on your ability to think. It can also take a physical toll on your body. So you should strive to either make meals for yourself or ask your family members, friends, etc. if they would be willing to help you get access to food on a regular basis.

Get the right amount of sleep.

It can be challenging trying to sleep when you’re mourning the loss of a loved one. But you should try to get your normal amount of sleep each night if at all possible. You might be able to do this by creating and sticking to a bedtime routine. You should put your phone away about an hour before bed, surround yourself with silence for a little while, and then attempt to fall asleep. When you make the proper preparations, you might be surprised by how easy it will be to get the sleep that you need.

Go for walks or find other ways to get exercise.

Exercising is one of the best ways to send endorphins rushing through your body. These endorphins will help to boost your mood, even when you’re not feeling your best due to the loss of a loved one. With this in mind, you should try to go for walks every day when you’re mourning a loved one’s death. You should also look into getting some other forms of exercise if you can. The more that you’re able to exercise, the better that you’re going to feel while planning a funeral home. As a bonus, working out outside will also ensure you’re able to get the fresh air and sunlight that your body and mind need.

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Reach out for help when you need it.

Planning funeral services for a loved one can be overwhelming. There will be times when you’ll feel like you can’t go any further on your own. When these times hit, you shouldn’t be shy about touching base with family members, friends, etc. for assistance. There will likely be more than a few people around you who would be willing to lend a hand to you. If nothing else, you should rely on the funeral director that you’re working with at a funeral home to provide you with extra help as needed.

Practicing self-care when you’re planning funeral services at a Lakewood Ranch, FL funeral home won’t be easy. But it’ll be worth it once you see the results. Call us today to begin working with one of our experienced funeral directors.

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When Will You Get a Loved One’s Remains Back?

You and your family might be under the impression that you’ll be able to get a loved one’s cremated remains back immediately after their cremation services in Sarasota, FL. But more often than not, this isn’t the case. You might have to wait a week or more to get your hands on your loved one’s remains. There are several different factors that will have an impact on how quickly you’ll be able to collect their remains. Learn more about these factors below.

Processing your loved one’s remains

Right after your loved one’s Sarasota, FL cremation is complete, a funeral home will have to take their remains and process them. Otherwise, your family will end up with a pile of your loved one’s bone fragments. While processing your loved one’s remains, a funeral home will make them all small and uniform in size. It’ll ensure that your loved one’s remains look just like the cremated remains that you’re imagining in your head right now.

Placing your loved one’s remains into an urn

After a funeral home has processed your loved one’s remains, they’ll need to take them and put them into an urn. Hopefully, they’ll be able to do this without a problem. But if you haven’t been able to secure an urn just yet, this could delay your plans. A funeral home might have to wait around for you to select the urn that you want. They might also have to wait for this urn to arrive if you choose to buy it from somewhere else. Ideally, you should start shopping for an urn for a loved one’s urn ASAP so that you don’t slow things down at all.

Filling out the proper paperwork for your loved one’s remains

There is a mountain of paperwork that a funeral home will have to fill out before, during, and after a loved one’s cremation. You will need to give them the necessary amount of time to go through this paperwork and fill it out accordingly. If they don’t do all the right paperwork, it could get them into trouble. You should help speed things along by filling out any forms that they need you to complete. This could go a long way towards helping them to complete the cremation process so that you can get your loved one’s remains back sooner.

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Finding a good time to give you your loved one’s remains

Many funeral homes are busier than ever these days. And that alone might prevent them from being able to give you your loved one’s remains back as quickly as you might like. With this in mind, you should try to work with a funeral home to find a good time for you to come and gather your loved one’s remains. The more flexible you are as far as your schedule is concerned, the sooner you should be able to get your loved one’s remains back into your hands.

When families plan Sarasota, FL cremations through our funeral home, we do our best to get them their loved one’s remains back fast. We can talk to you more about how our cremation process works when you trust us to cremate a loved one for you. Give us a call now to set up a meeting with a funeral director.

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What Is a Burial Vault? What You Need to Know

Is your family on the verge of burying a loved one through one of the local funeral homes in Sarasota, FL? If you are, you’re probably well aware of the fact that you’re going to need to invest in a casket to bury them in a cemetery. But did you know that you might also need to purchase a burial vault? If you didn’t know this, you should take some time to learn more about what a burial vault is, what it does, and how much it’ll cost. Here is just about everything you need to know about burial vaults.

What is a burial vault?

A burial vault is a heavy-duty container that a casket is placed inside of during a person’s burial services. This container is usually made out of metal, and it’s designed to provide a casket with the protection that it needs once it’s in the ground. Most burial vaults are lined and sealed so that things like soil and moisture won’t be able to get into them. They’re not typically as decorative as caskets are, but they’re very functional and serve their purpose when they’re used in the right way.

What is the purpose of a burial vault?

As we just mentioned, a burial vault is going to set a casket up with all the protection that it needs when it’s in the ground. But despite what you might think, burial vaults are going to do more than just protect caskets. They’re also utilized to protect the cemeteries that caskets are buried in. When a burial vault isn’t used during a burial, there is a chance that the soil that sits on top of a casket could collapse. This could potentially lead to a hole forming in the middle of a cemetery. A burial vault prevents this from happening. People can walk on top of burial plots and lawn equipment can pass over the top of them without the risk of the soil sitting on top of caskets caving in.

Is a burial vault required?

For many years, cemeteries allowed families to bury their loved ones in caskets without relying on burial vaults. But these days, most cemeteries now require families to use burial vaults when burying their loved ones once their Sarasota, FL funeral services are complete. You and your family will need to check with your preferred cemetery to see where they stand on burial vaults. You might be required to use one, or you might be able to get away with not using one in certain cases.

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How much does a burial vault cost?

If you’re going to be required to buy a burial vault, you may be concerned about how much it’s going to cost your family. It really all depends on which burial vault you decide to go with. Some burial vaults will cost a pretty penny, but others shouldn’t break the bank. And since you’re only going to be using one for burial purposes, you don’t have to splurge on one if you don’t want to. Let your funeral home know that you want to invest in the most affordable burial vault possible.

Are you interested in getting more information on burial vaults? Our Sarasota, FL funeral home can talk to you about them and show you some options that you’ll have if you need to buy one. Reach out to us today for all your burial needs.

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Forms to Fill Out When Planning Cremation Services

Once a person has been cremated, there is obviously no way to reverse the process. For this reason, funeral homes will usually have to fill out a whole bunch of paperwork prior to a person’s cremation services in Longboat Key, FL. It’ll ensure that everything goes according to plan throughout the cremation process. Your family might also be asked to fill out some forms related to your loved one’s cremation services. Check out some of the forms that you will usually be expected to fill out below.

Cremation services form

All cremation services are not created equal. You and your family will have the option to hold a funeral for your loved one and then cremate them. You’ll also have the option to cremate your loved one and then have a memorial service for them. You can even do away with any kind of service and simply cremate your loved one if you would like. Whatever the case, you’ll need to fill out a form to clearly state your intentions before a funeral home will start the Longboat Key, FL cremation process.

Cremation authorization form

A funeral home is legally obligated to get your authorization before they begin cremating your loved one. So there will be a very important cremation authorization form that they’ll have to get you to sign. You should make sure that you’re 100 percent committed to cremating your loved one before you sign this form. You should also make sure that you’ve properly identified your loved one right before their cremation is set to begin.

Cremation financial form

The good news for those planning cremations is that they’ll cost a lot less than burials. But even still, there will be some expenses associated with cremating a loved one. You and your family will need to decide how you plan on paying for cremation services and let your funeral home of choice know about it. They’ll typically have some kind of cremation financial form for you to fill out so that you’re on the same page as far as how you’ll cover your loved one’s cremation-related costs.

cremation services in Longboat Key, FL

Cremation remains form

What would you like a funeral home to do with your loved one’s remains at the conclusion of their cremation? Do you want them to get put into a cardboard box, or would you prefer for them to be placed into an urn? Regardless of what you’re going to do with the remains, you should inform a funeral home about it. They should have a form that you can fill out advising them on what to do with your loved one’s remains.

Our funeral home can provide families with all the necessary forms when they’re planning Longboat Key, FL cremations for their loved ones. We can also assist them with all the different aspects of the cremation planning process. It’ll make this process go so smoothly from beginning to end and ensure that there aren’t any mistakes made during it. Contact us now to get the process underway.

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