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Items You Should Consider Cremating Alongside a Loved One

Did you know that when you hold cremation services in Longboat Key, FL for a loved one, you can cremate more than just their body? Most crematories will also let you put some other items into your loved one’s cremation container so that they can be cremated, too. You and your family should consider what else you might want to put into the cremation container with your loved one. Take a look at some of the best options that you’ll have below.

Handwritten letters

Is there anything that you wish you would have been able to say to your loved one prior to their death? You can do it by sitting down and writing them a handwritten letter. You can then place this letter into your loved one’s cremation container right before their Longboat Key, FL cremation is set to begin. A lot of families find that writing a letter to a loved one who has passed away can be a very cathartic experience. You might want to consider doing it if you want to get anything off your chest before it’s too late.

Family photographs

Does your family have any special photographs that you might want to cremate along with your loved one? You’re obviously not going to want to cremate any original photos that you can’t replace. But these days, it’s really easy for families to print out photos that they like so that they can include them in their loved ones’ cremation containers. You might want to try sticking a few into your loved one’s container in advance of their cremation.

Poems, song lyrics, prayers, etc.

Are there poems, song lyrics, prayers, etc. that remind you and your family of your loved one? If there are, you may want to print them out and place them into your loved one’s cremation container. You might also want to incorporate them into the funeral services that you decide to hold for your loved one. You’ll think about your loved one every time you hear these poems, song lyrics, prayers, etc. in the future when you use them as part of their cremation services.

cremation services in Longboat Key, FL

Stuffed animals

Would you like to have some of the kids in your family put an item into your loved one’s cremation container? You might want to go with stuffed animals for them. You can tell the kids that these stuffed animals will keep your loved one company throughout the course of their cremation. It’ll provide the kids with some much-needed comfort and help them to participate in your loved one’s cremation in a small way. Just make sure that your crematory is OK with you including these stuffed animals in your loved one’s cremation container.

At Maloney Funeral Home LLC, we strongly encourage families to go all out when it comes to paying tribute to their loved ones during their cremation services. We’ll help your family do it when you trust our Longboat Key, FL funeral home to set you up with the services that you need. Contact us to begin planning a cremation for a loved one.

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