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How to Help a Loved One to Pre-Plan Services at a Funeral Home

Has a loved one expressed an interest in pre-planning their own funeral services at one of the funeral homes in Longboat Key, FL? If so, they might want to go through the pre-planning journey on their own and fill you in on it later. But they might also like some help to make the process a little easier on them. Today, we’re going to touch on how you can go about helping them so that they’re able to pre-plan services without a problem. Here are some tips that should help get the job done.

Find funeral homes that specialize in offering pre-planning services.

Most funeral homes can help people who want to pre-plan Longboat Key, FL funeral services these days. But this isn’t always the case. To save your loved one some time, you should look around at the funeral homes in your area and find out which ones specialize in offering pre-planning services. This will help to narrow your loved one’s options down. They should be able to select a funeral home sooner rather than later as a result.

Talk to them about whether they would like to be buried or cremated.

One of the first really big decisions that your loved one will have to make when pre-planning their own funeral services is deciding whether they want to be buried or cremated. Some people don’t have any trouble making this decision. But others really struggle with it. If your loved one falls into the second category, you should talk to them about each option and help them to weigh the pros and cons. It should put them in a much better spot and help them to make the best decision.

Tell them some of their options as far as funeral services are concerned.

Regardless of whether your loved one wants to be buried or cremated, they should still plan funeral services for themselves. They can arrange to have a traditional funeral prior to their burial or cremation. They can also arrange to have a memorial service or even a celebration of life following their burial or cremation. It’s really up to them. You should make them aware of their options and then walk through them so that they can pick the one that they like the most.

funeral homes in Longboat Key, FL

See if they’re in a position to pre-pay for their pre-planned funeral services.

Discussing finances with your loved one might not be the most pleasant conversation to have. But you should attempt to game whether they’re going to be able to pre-pay for some or even all of their pre-planned funeral services. They might love the idea of doing this and have more than enough money to pre-pay for their services. But they might also not be in a position to do it. Either way, you should let it be known that this is an option for them.

If you have a loved one who is interested in pre-planning funeral services at a Longboat Key, FL funeral home, Maloney Funeral Home LLC can help. We can accommodate both you and your loved one as you set out to pre-plan funeral services for them. Reach out to us to hear more about the benefits of pre-planning funeral services.

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