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Best Cremation Jewelry Ideas

Cremation jewelry is a great way to keep your loved ones’ cremated remains from a cremation service in Sarasota, FL, close by. Whether you’re looking for a way to memorialize your loved one creatively or want to always keep a little piece of them with you, there are many different types of cremation jewelry available today.

In this article, we’ll explore all the types of cremation jewelry available and help you select the right piece for yourself or as a gift for someone who has lost someone they love.

Get A Pendant

Pendants are a great way to keep a piece of your loved one with you. They can be made from various materials, including metals, glass, and wood. Some pendants are engraved with words or dates that mean something unique to the wearer.

Pendants make wonderful keepsakes because they’re small enough to wear daily without being bulky or heavy. A small pendant is ideal if you want to wear your loved one’s ashes around your neck but don’t want anything too big or heavy on top of your shirt collar.

Vial Necklaces

Vial necklaces are a great way to keep your loved one’s cremated remains from a cremation service in Sarasota, FL, close by. Some vial necklaces have an opening on the bottom so you can access your loved one’s cremation ashes without opening the locket itself, which means it stays closed and safe while you wear it.

Get A Bracelet

The most popular type of cremation jewelry is the bracelet. Bracelets can be made from your loved one’s ashes, or you can choose an optional pendant or charm to attach to the wristband. Various styles are available, including those with beads, crystals, and charms. The bracelet symbolizes unity between you and your lost loved one, even after their passing.


Anklets make an excellent choice for people looking to wear cremation jewelry. They can be made from various materials, including gold, silver, titanium, and even plastic. Whatever your preference may be in terms of style or material, you will find that there is an anklet available for you.

Cremation Rings

Cremation rings are one of the most popular cremation jewelry options for families who want to keep a part of their loved one close at all times. They’re available in various styles, including plain bands, stones, and engravings that can be customized with words and phrases that are special to you. Cremation rings can be worn on any finger, so choose whichever is most comfortable for you.

cremation service in Sarasota, FL


Cremation jewelry is a great way to keep your loved ones close by. We hope this post has given you some ideas on memorializing a loved one.

Choosing the best cremation services in Sarasota, FL, is a big decision. You have to select a company that will treat your loved one with respect and guides you through the process of saying goodbye in a way that feels right for you. The best companies will go above and beyond what is required of them by law to provide their customers with exactly what they need at a price they can afford.

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Ways To Personalize A Funeral

There are many ways to personalize a funeral from funeral homes in Sarasota, FL, to honor the deceased’s life and comfort those grieving. From choosing a meaningful playlist to celebrating your loved one with their favorite food, here are some ideas you can use.


The music played at a funeral can make a big difference in how your loved one’s life is remembered. If you have specific songs essential to your family and friends, it’s acceptable to ask the funeral home if they can play them during the service. You can also ask them to start playing music as soon as guests arrive so that they have time to gather their thoughts before they head inside.


Food often plays an essential role in commemorating the life of someone who has passed away. Since we usually eat together with friends and family, food is vital to bonding and sharing memories. Therefore, it should be part of any funeral celebration as well. The type of food served will vary depending on what tastes good together.

However, when planning your menu options, always keep in mind any dietary restrictions or allergies that may exist among those attending your event, so everyone feels comfortable eating everything being served.

Include A Personal Video

A video is a great way to personalize your funeral at a funeral home in Sarasota, FL. It can be as simple as footage of the deceased enjoying their favorite hobby or event, or it could include a video montage of their life.

If you don’t have any video footage, consider recording your loved one’s favorite song, movie, or TV show and playing it at the funeral service. It will bring back fond memories in those who knew them well while also providing insight into who they were as people.

Create A Memorial Display

A memorial display is one of the best ways to personalize a funeral. It can be something as simple as a table full of photos and other mementos or something more elaborate, like an entire room decorated with personal items that your loved one collected over the years.

Share Your Personal Story At The Service

One of the best ways to personalize a funeral is to share your personal story at the service. Introducing yourself and discussing your relationship with the deceased can help other attendees better understand how they knew them. You may want to prepare for this speech by writing it down beforehand. In addition, consider keeping your speech short and sweet.

funeral homes in Sarasota, FL


There are many ways to personalize a funeral service. From choosing songs that remind you of the deceased to creating a memorial display with photos of their life, these tips will help you make an unforgettable experience for your loved ones.

When planning a funeral, you must make sure you have chosen the best funeral homes in Sarasota, FL. The right funeral home can help you personalize a perfect funeral for your loved one, and they will guide you through the process so that it isn’t overwhelming or stressful. When you work with us, we’ll help you plan a ceremony that celebrates the life of your loved one and honors their memory.

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Tips For Cremated Remains

When you have to make funeral arrangements with a cremation service in Longboat Key, FL, a loved one may have questions about handling the cremated remains. While many options are available, you must choose something that will honor the deceased while providing comfort for their family members and friends. If you want some help with this decision, here are some tips on what to do with cremated remains.

Share Some Of The Remains With Your Family Members

You can share some of the remains with your family members. You can also keep some for yourself. In addition, you may choose to give some away to loved ones or bury them in a particular place.

It would help if you decided how to handle this part of the cremation process before contacting a crematory services provider because they will need to know what you want before proceeding with their work.

Cremated Remains Can Be Scattered In Many Places

Some families choose to have their loved one’s cremated remains from a cremation service in Longboat Key, FL, scattered at a place that has meaning for them or their family. A place that has special significance to the deceased is another option.

Suppose there is no personal significance behind the desire to scatter cremated remains. In that case, you may want to consider scattering some of them at sea or in a public park where there will always be people and something new happening all the time.

Bury A Portion Of The Cremated Remains

Burying a portion of the cremated remains is one of the most popular ways to honor your loved one’s memory. Some bury their loved one’s cremated remains in a cemetery or backyard. In contrast, others prefer placing them in an urn or biodegradable container and then scattering them somewhere special, like a park, beach, or forest.

Create A Memorial For The Deceased Using Their Cremated Remains

You can create a memorial for the deceased using their cremated remains. You can have some of the cremated remains placed in an urn and then put that urn inside another container. The idea is to have something that represents their life, and it may be something you would like to keep as a memento. Some examples include placing the ashes in a piece of jewelry or even using them to make ceramic art pieces.

cremation service in Longboat Key, FL


We hope these tips have helped you understand the options available after a cremation. Cremation is an integral part of the grieving process, and it’s essential to know your options when it comes time to decide about your loved one’s final resting place.

When looking for the best cremation services in Longboat Key, FL, it’s essential to make sure you’re choosing a funeral home that will take care of your loved one from start to finish. You want to ensure that you work with a company that offers quality service and respect for your loved one. They can help with all of your cremated remains needs and make sure that your loved one is handled with the utmost respect and care.

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Benefits of Mausoleums

Mausoleums are an excellent option for many people seeking funeral arrangements from funeral homes in Longboat Key, FL. They can provide great protection from the elements and increase privacy and security. They also allow you to choose your design and layout to create something unique and special for your loved ones.

Many Cemeteries Have Them

A mausoleum is a special place where you can inter your loved ones and is often used to house multiple crypts. Most cemeteries have them, which are very popular among families who want to be together after death.

Many different types of mausoleums are available today, such as freestanding models or those that are part of larger structures such as churches or cathedrals. They can also range in size from small single-person crypts to large family tombs holding dozens of people simultaneously.

They Are Better Protected From The Elements

Mausoleums are built above ground, so they are generally better protected from the elements. It is essential because many people bury their loved ones in a mausoleum to ensure they will always be safe and preserved.

They Are Usually Well-Maintained

A mausoleum is an excellent option for families who want their loved one to be cared for and maintained throughout the years. A family can choose the level of maintenance they want to provide and will have several options.

  • Cemetery employees maintain the mausoleums that are owned by a cemetery.
  • Families who own mausoleums can either pay someone to do regular maintenance or do it themselves.
  • Some funeral homes in Longboat Key, FL, offer this service as part of their package when you choose them as your funeral home.
  • Some companies specialize in caring for memorials, including mausoleums and headstones, so you don’t have to worry about anything except making sure your loved one stays clean.

They Can Be More Private And More Secure

One of the most significant benefits of a mausoleum is that you can choose to have it located on your private property. There are many options for this, and some cemeteries offer mausoleums on the same grounds as their other burial plots. It means you receive all the benefits of having your loved one buried in a mausoleum without giving up any space on your land.

The other significant benefit is that they tend to be more secure than traditional in-ground graves. The structure is usually locked, and most cannot be easily accessed by anyone who doesn’t have access to them, primarily if they’re located somewhere offsite from your home or business property.

funeral homes in Longboat Key, FL


Mausoleums can provide many advantages over traditional burial plots. They offer more space and are often better protected from the elements than in-ground burial sites. They can also be more private or allow family members to visit together instead of having to travel long distances.

When you choose a reputable funeral home in Longboat Key, FL, for your funeral and mausoleum needs, you can rest assured that your loved one will be taken care of in every way possible. They can help you plan an engaging memorial service and ensure that funeral arrangements are as easy as possible.

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