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Why Choose Cremation Over Burial? 5 Reasons

There are a lot of people who are choosing cremation services in Lakewood Ranch, FL over burial services these days. In fact, there are so many people doing it that the national cremation rate has risen up over the 50 percent mark. But there are still some people out there who are wondering, “Why choose cremation over burial?” If you’re one of them, we’ve got a list of five reasons why it would be wise to pick cremation services over burial services. Read through them below.

1. Easier to plan

Planning burial services can be a real chore for many families. There are typically more than 100 decisions that will need to be made when burying someone. Planning cremation services, on the other hand, is usually going to be very easy compared to planning burial services. Families don’t have to make as many decisions, so they’re able to cremate their loved ones without getting too stressed out.

2. More flexibility

When families bury their loved ones, they won’t have a whole lot of time to do it. They’ll need to stop whatever they’re doing at the time of a loved one’s death to kickstart the burial planning process right away. They won’t have to do this when planning a loved one’s cremation services. Although they will want to have their loved ones cremated ASAP, they will be able to plan funeral services according to their own schedules. They can take their time when doing it if they want.

3. Lower cost

Burial services will often cost families a small fortune. They’ll have to spend thousands, if not tens of thousands, of dollars while laying their loved ones to rest. There will obviously be some costs that families will have to pay for cremation services. But they shouldn’t have to break the bank on them. Most families will be able to get away with paying just a couple thousand dollars at most to cremate a loved one and hold a funeral of some kind for them.

4. Increased options

When families cremate their loved ones, they’ll receive their cremated remains back at the end of the cremation process. From there, they’ll be able to do any number of things with them. They can take them back home, bury them, put them in a cremation niche, scatter them, or find something else to do with them. They’ll have so many options, which isn’t something that you can say when families bury their loved ones. In that case, their only option will be to bury loved ones in cemeteries.

cremation services in Lakewood Ranch, FL

5. Easily accessible

It used to be pretty difficult for families to find funeral homes that offered cremation services. But that has really changed over the last decade or so. Today, just about all funeral homes offer cremation services to some degree. It’s one more reason to consider them. You shouldn’t have any issues locating funeral homes that can assist you with a Lakewood Ranch, FL cremation for a loved one.

Do you want to learn about some of the other reasons why families should consider Lakewood Ranch, FL cremations? Our funeral home can help break them down for you. Give us a call today to hear more about the benefits of choosing cremation services.

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Staff Members You Will Work With at Funeral Homes

When you’re trying to decide which of the funeral homes in Lakewood Ranch, FL to work with, you should obviously consider the locations of different funeral homes as well as the general appearances of different funeral homes. But it’s important to take things a step further than that. In addition to considering those factors, you should also take a good, long look at the staff members who you will work with at funeral homes. They’re going to play a huge part in what kind of experience you have with a funeral home. Here are some of the staff members that you might cross paths with when you’re making funeral arrangements at a funeral home.

Funeral directors

When you’re planning funeral services for a loved one at a Lakewood Ranch, FL funeral home, you’re going to spend most of your time working side-by-side with a funeral director. A funeral director will be the one who will walk you through the funeral planning process from start to finish. They’ll make sure that you put a loved one’s funeral services into place properly. They’ll also lend a hand when it’s time to actually carry your loved one’s funeral services out. It’s very important for you to have a good rapport with the funeral director who is assigned to assist you.

Funeral assistants

Although funeral directors will be the ones leading families through the funeral planning process, they aren’t going to be able to do this alone. They’ll also typically rely on funeral assistants who will help them with all of the funeral planning that will need to be done. While you’re familiarizing yourself with a funeral home’s funeral directors, you should also try to meet some of the funeral assistants that they will have working for them. You want to make sure that they’re going to do everything in their power to make funeral planning easier on you.

Cremation specialists

If you’re going to be cremating a loved one through a funeral home, you’ll want to be sure that they have cremation specialists who can help you do it. Many funeral directors will also be able to serve as cremation specialists. But some funeral homes will have dedicated cremation specialists that they’ll assign to work with families. These cremation specialists can make the cremation planning process so much simpler than it would be otherwise for you and your family.

funeral homes in Lakewood Ranch, FL


Regardless of whether you’re going to bury or cremate a loved one, you will likely want to celebrate their life in some way. In some cases, this will mean that you’ll hold a traditional funeral for them. In other instances, it’ll mean that you’ll stage a memorial service or a life celebration for them. Whatever the case, you will need to bring a celebrant on board to help with the planning of a funeral, memorial service, or life celebration. You’ll also need to have a celebrant host the specific type of funeral services that you choose. You should make sure that a funeral home will be able to set you up with a celebrant who will do a great job across the board.

When you plan Lakewood Ranch, FL funeral services for a loved one through our funeral home, you’ll work closely with experienced staff members who will see to it that your needs are met. Reach out to us today to schedule a tour of our facility where you’ll be able to meet many of the staff members that you’ll work with.

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Cremation Services Near Me: How to Find the Best Option

Finding funeral homes that can provide you and your family with cremation services in Sarasota, FL should be pretty easy to do. Just Google “cremation services near me” and you’ll see a long list of potential options appear. But how are you supposed to know which option will be the best one of the bunch? That’s the question you should ask yourself prior to picking one. Take a look at our guide on how to find the best funeral home for cremation services below.

See which funeral homes have been providing cremation services the longest.

If you’re going to trust a funeral home to provide you with cremation services, you want to know that they know what they’re doing. One way to see which funeral homes know how to plan Sarasota, FL cremations is by seeing how long they’ve been doing it. Ideally, you want to work exclusively with a funeral home that has been carrying out cremations for years, if not decades, now. Many funeral homes are just starting to conduct cremations after seeing the popularity of cremation services spike. You should shy away from working with funeral homes like this and find a more experienced one instead.

Learn about the specific cremation services that funeral homes can provide.

Although many funeral homes can offer cremation services these days, not all of them are equipped to carry out the same services. Some of them only dabble in cremation by providing direct cremation services. Others are able to provide families with all the cremation services they could ever want. You should have some general idea of which cremation services you’ll need so that you can find a funeral home that will check all the boxes for you.

Read online reviews for the funeral homes that specialize in providing cremation services.

Prior to choosing one funeral home over all the rest for cremation services, you should make sure that they come highly recommended by others. It would be well worth reading through as many online reviews for funeral homes as you can so that you’re able to see which ones have the best reputations around. If a funeral home has a lot of negative reviews, that will be a pretty obvious red flag. You’ll want to shy away from working with funeral homes like this and focus on the ones that have tons of positive reviews.

cremation services in Sarasota, FL

Calculate how much cremation services will cost at different funeral homes.

Different funeral homes are going to charge different prices for their cremation services. It’s one more reason why you shouldn’t be too quick to select the funeral home that you want to obtain cremation services. You should always compare the cremation costs available at different funeral homes to see how much they’ll set you back. It’ll make it easy for you to find funeral homes that are going to fit into your budget while you’re putting cremation plans into place.

Don’t just Google “cremation services near me” and pick the first funeral home that pops up when you need to plan a Sarasota, FL cremation. Use the tips listed here so that you consider all your options and choose the best funeral home. Contact us to hear why you should consider using our funeral home for a loved one’s cremation services.

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Reasons to Attend a Funeral Pre-Planning Seminar

Has the thought of pre-planning your own funeral services at one of the funeral homes in Sarasota, FL crossed your mind? If it has, you might want to look into the possibility of attending a funeral pre-planning seminar sometime soon. A lot of funeral homes have started to hold these seminars in an attempt to teach people about the funeral pre-planning process and all that it entails. Continue reading to see some of the reasons why you should think about attending a funeral pre-planning seminar.

To hear more about what funeral pre-planning is

If you just started to mull over the idea of pre-planning your own Sarasota, FL funeral services, you might not know much about what funeral pre-planning is. Attending a funeral pre-planning seminar will give you an opportunity to change that ASAP. You can learn all about the funeral pre-planning process and see how it works. You’ll also get the chance to ask any and all questions that you might have about pre-planning your own funeral services.

To find out about some of the benefits of funeral pre-planning

While you’re at a funeral pre-planning seminar, you’ll be able to do more than just hear how the pre-planning process works. You’ll also get some much-needed insight into what the benefits of funeral pre-planning will be. You’ll hear about the peace of mind that it will provide for you. You’ll also hear about how your family will benefit from you taking the time to put funeral plans into place in advance. You’ll feel better about deciding to pre-plan your own funeral services after hearing about how beneficial it’ll be for you to do it.

To see how you can start the funeral pre-planning process

Once you know more about the funeral pre-planning process, you might want to begin making funeral plans for yourself right away. A funeral pre-planning seminar will equip you with all the tools that you’ll need to get the pre-planning process underway. You’ll be well aware of which steps you’ll need to take to get the process moving in the right direction. It’ll make the whole thing so much less intimidating than it would be otherwise.

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To arm yourself with information so that you can discuss funeral pre-planning with your family

If you’re going to go through with pre-planning funeral services for yourself, it’ll obviously be something that you’ll want to discuss with your family. And they’re no doubt going to have a million and one questions that they’ll want to ask you about funeral pre-planning. You won’t have to worry about not having the necessary information to provide to your family. They’re going to feel more comfortable with the idea of you pre-planning your own funeral services when you break down the process for them.

Would you like to attend a funeral pre-planning seminar so that you can see how the funeral pre-planning process works? Our Sarasota, FL funeral home has pre-planning seminars that you can come to in order to get additional information. Call us today to find out when the next one will be.

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