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Best Reasons to Bring a Loved One’s Remains Home

Is your family on the fence as far as what you want to do with a loved one’s cremated remains following their cremation services in Lakewood Ranch, FL? You’re welcome to do whatever you would like with them. You can bury them in a cemetery, store them in a cremation niche, or scatter them someplace special. But one of your best options might also be the simplest one. You can bring your loved one’s remains home and display them. Here are several reasons why this is such a great option.

It’ll keep your loved one’s remains close to you.

Your loved one might not be around in the flesh anymore, but you can make it seem like they’re still around to some degree when you have their remains in your home. You can create a display for your loved one’s remains after their Lakewood Ranch, FL cremation is complete and pay tribute to them with it. Every time that you look at this display, you will be reminded of your loved one and all the special times that you shared with them. It’ll help you cope with the grief that will come along with losing your loved one.

It’ll allow you to watch over your loved one’s remains and protect them.

When you welcome a loved one’s remains into your home, you’ll be in charge of protecting them. It’ll be a big responsibility for you, but it’ll also give you a chance to continue to serve your loved one even though they aren’t around. You’ll get a good feeling inside simply by providing your loved one’s remains with the protection that they need.

It’ll make it possible for you to take your loved one’s remains with you if you move.

You might not be planning on moving anytime soon at the moment. But you might decide that you would like to move at some point in the future. And when you do, you’ll love the fact that you’ll be able to bring your loved one’s remains along with you. You’ll be especially grateful for this opportunity if you decide to move somewhere that isn’t anywhere close to your current location. You won’t have to feel like you’re leaving your loved one behind.

cremation services in Lakewood Ranch, FL

It’ll give you the opportunity to do something else with your loved one’s remains later.

Just because you bring your loved one’s remains home now doesn’t mean that you need to leave them in your home forever. You will always have the option to bury them in a cemetery or scatter them in a special place at a later date. You can give yourself the time that you need to grieve before making a decision when it comes to what you want to do with your loved one’s remains. This might be the best reason for you to bring your loved one’s remains home with you at the conclusion of their cremation services.

Our funeral home has been providing families with the help that they need while planning Lakewood Ranch, FL cremations for a long time now. We would love to show you what we can do for your family. Give us a call now to speak with a funeral director about our cremation services.

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How to Show Your Sympathy to a Grieving Family

Would you like to express your deepest sympathies to a family that just lost a loved one? If so, you can begin by visiting one of the funeral homes in Lakewood Ranch, FL to attend funeral services for their loved one. There are also many other things that you can do to show your sympathy to a family that is grieving a great loss. Take a look at them below and decide what you would like to do for a family.

Call or email them.

If you’re close with a grieving family, you might want to either pick up the phone and call them or shoot them an email after hearing about their loved one’s loss. They might not have a ton of time to talk, but they will appreciate you thinking of them nonetheless. You might also want to consider asking them if they need any help at this time. They’re going to be very busy planning their loved one’s Lakewood Ranch, FL funeral services, so they might be open to the idea of you assisting them with something.

Send flowers to them.

Another great way to show your sympathy to a grieving family is by sending flowers in their direction. You can have flowers delivered directly to their home or to the funeral home where they’ll be holding a loved one’s funeral services. You should go with lilies, roses, carnations, or another kind of flower that will send the right message to them. A local florist should be able to show you some of the floral arrangements that they can send to a grieving family to express your sympathy to them.

Cook food for them.

Oftentimes, grieving families won’t have a lot of time to cook for themselves. They also might be so busy with other things that they don’t even remember to eat. You can help them get around these problems by cooking them a nice home-cooked meal. Ideally, you should try to make them something that they can freeze and save if they aren’t able to eat it right now. They’ll be so happy to see a home-cooked meal making its way through their front door.

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Lend an ear to them.

If nothing else, you should offer to lend an ear to a grieving family if they would like to talk. Grieving families are usually surrounded by people sending sympathy to them. But they aren’t always able to express their own emotions since there are so many people that want to talk to them. You should offer to sit back and listen to them whenever they would like. It’s a simple act but it’ll show them how much you care about their well-being.

You can show your sympathy to a grieving family by attending their loved one’s services at our Lakewood Ranch, FL funeral home. But why stop there? You can also obtain a sympathy gift for them through us or find other ways that you can show your sympathy to them. Reach out to us today to get some great ideas.

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What Are the Most Popular Cremation Packages?

Cremating a loved one is so much easier to do than burying them. When you bury a loved one, you’ll usually have to make somewhere in the neighborhood of 150 decisions. It can make the funeral planning process daunting. When you’re planning cremation services in Sarasota, FL, there will be a lot fewer decisions that’ll need to be made, which should make things simpler. But you will have to decide which cremation package you’re going to go with. We’re going to talk about several of them today to help you make a final decision on which one you want to go with. Check out the most popular cremation packages below.



The most popular cremation packages are the following:

  • Basic/direct cremation. With this package, there is no funeral or memorial service.
  • Traditional cremation: a funeral is held prior to the cremation process.
  • Cremation and memorial service: allows for more flexibility in timing of the memorial service. 
  • Cremation and life celebration: a festive way to celebrate the life of a loved one.


Basic/direct cremation

A basic or direct cremation is, as its name would suggest, the most straightforward cremation package. When you choose to cremate a loved one with this Sarasota, FL cremation package, you won’t have a funeral or memorial service for them. Instead, you’ll simply arrange to have your loved one’s cremation carried out quickly and then get their remains back. If your family is on a tight budget, this is no doubt going to be the cremation package that you’ll want to pick since it will be the least expensive option of the bunch.

Traditional cremation

If your family would like to hold a traditional funeral for a loved one prior to their cremation, that is also going to be an option for you. You can actually have a regular funeral planned out that will look and feel just like a funeral that would take place before a burial. The only difference will be that, instead of heading to a cemetery after a loved one’s traditional funeral, their body will head to a crematory where it will be buried. This is often the most expensive cremation package, but the extra cost is well worth it for some families who wish to have traditional funerals for their loved ones.

Cremation and memorial service

Many families don’t want to have to rush through the process of planning a traditional funeral prior to a loved one’s cremation. They would rather wait until after the cremation process plays out to celebrate their loved one’s life. This cremation package will provide you with that freedom. You can stage your loved one’s cremation and then have a memorial service for them pretty much right after it. It’ll give your family the flexibility that you crave since you’ll be able to plan to have their memorial service at a time that is most convenient for you.

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Cremation and life celebration

If your family wants to avoid having a somber service for your loved one either before or after their cremation, you can also opt to have them cremated and then have a life celebration for them. A life celebration will be a little bit more festive than a traditional funeral or even a memorial service. You can have it at a restaurant, a catering hall, or any other venue that you choose. You can truly celebrate your loved one’s life when you go with this particular cremation package.

Do you want to learn more about the cremation packages that are available for your family? Or do you have other questions about Sarasota, FL cremations? Our funeral home would be more than happy to assist you with all your cremation-related concerns. Contact us now to get the help you need.

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What the Flowers Found at Funeral Homes Mean

When you visit one of the funeral homes in Sarasota, FL, one of the first things that you’ll notice is all of the flowers in them. Funeral homes are routinely filled with a wide range of flowers since flowers have turned into some of the most popular sympathy gifts around. What you may not realize, though, is that each individual type of flower found in a funeral home has a slightly different meaning. Find out about some of the meanings behind these flowers below.


Outside of the fact that the flowers found in funeral homes are designed to make them look good, they’re also designed to make them smell good. And there are very few flowers that make funeral homes smell better than lilies. They’ll freshen up any Sarasota, FL funeral home in a hurry. They’ll also send all the right messages to grieving families as lilies symbolize everything from peace and purity to virginity and the soul’s radiance. You really can’t go wrong with sending a big bouquet of flowers to a funeral home.


Although you might not automatically associate roses with funeral homes, you’re almost always going to find at least some roses in one. And for good reason. Roses come in a variety of different colors and look beautiful when they’re in full bloom. Each color rose also carries a slightly different meaning. Red roses, for example, are used to express love, while yellow roses are used to express friendship. White roses, meanwhile, are used to express spirituality and purity, while pink roses are used to express gratitude.


Just like roses, carnations come in all kinds of colors. These colors can be intertwined to create things like standing sprays and funeral wreaths. Each of the different colors can also be utilized to symbolize a different emotion. When you send red carnations to a funeral home, you’ll be expressing love. When you send white ones, you’ll be expressing innocence. There are even pink ones that many Catholics believe were first created by collecting tears from the Virgin Mary. You can mix and match carnations as you see fit.

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Mums actually carry a bunch of different meanings throughout the world. If you’re in, say, Asia, they would be used at baby showers as opposed to funerals since they’re used to symbolize rebirth in Asian culture. But here in the U.S., mums are meant to show sympathy to a grieving family. You can also find different color mums that will mean different things. Red mums, for instance, can be used to express love, while white ones express innocence.

Would you like to get more information on the different flowers that you can send to a grieving family ahead of their loved one’s Sarasota, FL funeral services? Our funeral home can provide you with the info that you need when it comes to funeral flowers. Call us now to hear all about the flowers that we can provide for you when you’re in the market for a sympathy gift.

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