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cremation services in Lakewood Ranch, FL

How to Cremate a Loved One in the Cheapest Way Possible

In a perfect world, you and your family would be able to spend whatever you want on a loved one’s cremation services in Lakewood Ranch, FL. But of course, that’s obviously not how things work. The good news is that cremation services don’t cost that much, especially when you compare them to burial services. But even still, you’re going to have to be careful when you’re trying to plan a cremation on a tight budget. We’ve got some ideas on how you can cremate a loved one in the cheapest way possible if you can’t afford to splurge on cremation services. Get some useful tips on doing it below.

Start by choosing the most affordable funeral home you can find.

First things first: If you know that you can’t afford to spend a small fortune on a loved one’s Lakewood Ranch, FL cremation, you should avoid working with a funeral home that has a reputation for being expensive. Instead, you should aim to find a funeral home that is known for extending affordable prices to families. They’ll help you plan cremation services for a loved one without breaking the bank.

Ask a funeral home to explain the benefits of direct cremation to you.

Once you’ve found an affordable funeral home for a loved one’s cremation services, you should get in touch with them and inquire about their direct cremation services. A direct cremation is a type of cremation that includes a cremation but no funeral service or memorial service. But taking a funeral service or memorial service out of the equation, you can keep your loved one’s cremation costs low. You can also always hold a service for a loved one later on if you would like to do it.

Pick out a cost-effective cremation urn for a loved one’s remains.

Following a loved one’s direct cremation, you’re going to need to put their cremated remains into something. You can have them placed into a basic cremation container that essentially amounts to a cardboard box if you really can’t afford anything else. But there are plenty of urns available for under $100 these days. They might be the perfect option for a family that’s trying to stick to a tight budget while still providing their loved one’s remains with the safety and security that they need.

cremation services in Lakewood Ranch, FL

Take a loved one’s remains home with you rather than doing something else with them.

In the aftermath of a loved one’s cremation, you can do any number of things with their cremated remains. You can put together plans for an ash scattering ceremony and scatter them someplace special. You can also bury them in a cemetery or store them in a cremation niche. But all of those things are going to cost you a little bit of money. It’s why you should consider simply bringing your loved one’s remains home instead. It’ll keep your loved one’s remains close to you in the coming years and cost you nothing at all.

Are you worried about how much cremation services for a loved one are going to cost you and your family? Maloney Funeral Home LLC can show you how to plan out an affordable cremation for them. We’ve been helping families plan Lakewood Ranch, FL cremations for a long time now and know how to keep cremation costs down. Give us a call to start the cremation planning process.

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What to Keep in Mind as You Compare Different Funeral Homes

Are you and your family wondering which of the funeral homes in Lakewood Ranch, FL you should trust to help you plan a loved one’s funeral services? Then you’re going to want to see what all of your different options are and compare them so that you’re able to land on the best option in the end. While comparing funeral homes, there are some things that you should keep in mind. They’ll make it possible for you to narrow down your options faster than you would be able to otherwise. Check out what you should keep in mind as you compare funeral homes below.

See how their experience levels stack up against one another.

A lot of the funeral homes that you’re going to find in this particular area will have their fair share of experience. But some funeral homes are inevitably going to have way more experience than others. In a perfect world, you’ll want to have one of the most experienced funeral homes around in your corner. You’ll know that you and your family are going to be in good hands when you have a funeral home that has experience on its side helping you out.

Take a look at how their funeral services compare.

You and your family are going to find that many of the local funeral homes will be able to provide you with a lot of the same Lakewood Ranch, FL funeral services. However, there are some that specialize mostly in burial services and others that prefer to assist those who want to plan cremation services. You and your family should think about which funeral services you’re going to need. And then, you should compare the funeral homes and the services that they can extend to see which ones will be the most useful to you.

Find out how their online reviews differ.

You could argue that the best way to compare funeral homes is by putting the online reviews that people have left for them in the past up against one another. If one funeral home has all positive reviews and another funeral home has mostly negative reviews, it shouldn’t be too difficult at all for you to see which one you should work with. Whatever you do, you shouldn’t pass up on the opportunity to read through the online reviews that families have left for funeral homes in the past. You can discover so much by checking them out.

funeral homes in Lakewood Ranch, FL

Calculate how much each of them will cost to work with.

Just like all funeral homes don’t offer the same services, they also don’t all offer the same prices on the services that they can extend to families. In fact, you might find that working with one funeral home will cost just a fraction of what it would cost to work with another one. That isn’t to say that you should base your whole funeral home decision on which one is the cheapest. But you should pay attention to the prices that funeral homes will charge you and stay away from any options that seem like they’re overpriced.

We welcome you to compare Maloney Funeral Home LLC to any other Lakewood Ranch, FL funeral home. We know that you’ll see that our funeral home is the superior option. We offer a wide range of funeral services and promise to charge you some of the best prices in town. Reach out to us to see what sets our funeral home apart from the pack.

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Don’t Forget These Things When Planning Cremation Services

Planning cremation services in Sarasota, FL for a loved one for the very first time can be an overwhelming experience. Even though it’s often easier to plan cremation services than it is to plan burial services, it can still be challenging for those who haven’t done it before. It can sometimes lead to people forgetting to do certain things while putting cremation plans into place. Today, we’re going to talk about a few of the things that you should try not to forget as you iron out the details for a loved one’s cremation. Learn about them below.

Don’t forget to plan a funeral for someone who is being cremated.

Oftentimes, families will visit Sarasota, FL funeral homes to plan cremation services for a loved one and be under the impression that they aren’t allowed to plan a funeral for them. But in reality, they can and should stage funerals for their loved ones. You and your family should strongly consider having a funeral for your loved one prior to their cremation. It’ll give you a chance to say your goodbyes to your loved one while celebrating the great life that they led.

Don’t forget to hold a viewing for someone who is being cremated.

Whether you choose to hold a funeral for a loved one who is being cremated or not, you should also think about holding a viewing for them. A viewing will be very helpful for those families who are having a tough time coming to terms with a loved one’s loss. They’ll also be great for those families who are struggling to deal with grief and in need of love and support from those around them. Your family will get your fair share of love and support during a viewing for a loved one.

Don’t forget to pick out a cremation urn for someone who is being cremated.

At the end of a loved one’s cremation, you and your family are going to get their cremated remains back from a funeral home. Ideally, you’ll want to put these remains directly into a cremation urn for safekeeping. But it’s obviously not going to be easy to do this if you forget to pick out an urn for them. You should spend the days leading up to your loved one’s cremation shopping for an urn so that you have one handy when you need it. You should look for an urn that you know they would have loved.

cremation services in Sarasota, FL

Don’t forget to decide what you’ll do with the cremated remains of someone who is being cremated.

In addition to picking out an urn for a loved one for after their cremation, you and your family should also give some thought to what you’re going to do with your loved one’s remains. You can place them into an urn and take them home if you want. But you can also bury them, store them in a columbarium, or even scatter them in a place that was special to your loved one. The choice will be yours, but don’t forget to make this decision and be forced to make it at the last minute.

When families plan Sarasota, FL cremations through Maloney Funeral Home LLC, we make sure that they don’t forget to do any of these things. We give them the assistance they need as they work their way through the cremation planning process. Contact us if your family needs help mapping out a loved one’s cremation.

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Your Guide to Finding Funeral Homes With Impeccable Reputations

You’re going to find that you’ll have plenty of options when you’re on the hunt for funeral homes in Sarasota, FL. But one thing that you should know is that all funeral homes are not created equal. There are some funeral homes that have much better reputations than others. Your goal should be to track down funeral homes that have impeccable reputations whenever possible. Here are some of the most effective ways to find funeral homes that have great reputations.

Begin by asking your family members and friends for funeral home recommendations.

If you have a lot of family members and friends who live in your area, you should rely on them to serve as a resource when you’re trying to locate reputable funeral homes. You should inquire as to which funeral homes they’ve used in the past while planning funerals for their loved ones and see what their responses are. If you keep hearing good things about one or two funeral homes, those will probably be the funeral homes you’ll want to hone in on.

Look for online reviews for local funeral homes and read through them.

After working with funeral homes, many families will leave online reviews for them. You shouldn’t be shy about reading through these online reviews to see what families have had to say about local funeral homes in recent years. You should be able to find at least a few funeral homes that have racked up one positive review after another. These funeral homes are going to be the ones that have the best reputation among those in your community.

See what your social media friends have to say about different funeral homes in your area.

If you’re someone who spends your fair share of time on social media, don’t be afraid to use Facebook, Twitter, etc. when you’re searching for great funeral homes. Put out an open call on these sites for funeral homes and see what all of your social media friends have to say about your local options. They might all respond with the names of the same few funeral homes. These will be the funeral homes that you will want to focus on during your search.

funeral homes in Sarasota, FL

Check with your church to see what they think about funeral homes.

Are you going to be planning part of your loved one’s Sarasota, FL funeral services at a church? If you are, that church might be able to extend some help when you’re looking for funeral homes. They’ll have lots of experience working with local funeral homes and can tell you which ones would be worth your time and which ones wouldn’t be. It’s yet another way that you can find funeral homes with stellar reputations.

Over the years, Maloney Funeral Home LLC has earned a reputation for being one of the best funeral homes in our area. We hope that you’ll consider contacting us when you’re in need of a Sarasota, FL funeral home. Call us today for all your family’s funeral needs.

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