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How Parents Should Handle Talking to Kids About Cremation Services

As kids get older, they tend to start asking their parents all kinds of questions. They want to begin learning about the world around them, and they rely on their parents to teach them about it. As a result of this, it’s not uncommon for some kids to inquire about cremation services in Sarasota, FL. They ask their parents questions like, “What is cremation?” and “How does cremation work?” Parents aren’t always prepared to field these types of questions, but they should do their best to do it anyway. Here are some tips on how you should handle talking to your kids about cremation services if they ever ask about them.

Start by asking your kids what they know about cremation.

Before you begin giving your kids a full breakdown of what a Sarasota, FL cremation is, you should turn things around on them and ask them to tell you what they know about cremation. If they’re asking questions about cremation, there’s a decent chance that they’ve seen, heard, or read about something related to cremation. It would be helpful for you to know what you’re working with so that you can shoot down any misconceptions your kids might have about cremation and teach them the truth about it.

Speak with your kids about what cremation is in simple terms.

Once you dive into actually talking about what a cremation is with your kids, you should get right to it and break it down for them in the simplest terms possible. You might want to start by reading the definition of cremation to them before giving them a basic rundown of how a cremation works. You don’t have to share any gory details with your kids since this could potentially scare them. But at the same time, you should provide them with a better understanding of cremation than they had before.

Encourage your kids to ask more questions about cremation.

After you’re done explaining cremation to your kids, you should ask them if they have any more questions about cremation for you. There are probably going to be at least a few questions that come to their minds right away. And there are going to be a few more questions that come to their minds after that. And so on and so forth. You should encourage your kids to keep the questions coming and answer them to the best of your ability. It’ll keep the lines of communication between you and your kids wide open.

cremation services in Sarasota, FL

Make an effort to learn more about cremation with your kids.

While your kids are in the process of asking you questions about cremation, they might stumble upon one that you can’t answer. You should use it as a learning opportunity for both you and your kids. You should sit down at the computer together and Google the question that they asked so that you can look for the right answer to it. Your kids will appreciate you putting in this little bit of extra effort to ensure that they’re able to learn all about cremation.

Do you want to obtain some information on cremation before speaking with your kids about it? Or do you need a Sarasota, FL funeral home to help you plan out a cremation for a loved one? Maloney Funeral Home LLC is always here to assist you with all your cremation needs. Give us a call now to speak with someone about cremation.

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Why Families Must Work With Funeral Homes in the Right Locations

When families are looking around at different funeral homes in Sarasota, FL and trying to figure out which one to work with, they’ll usually check out the services that they all have to offer. They’ll also see how much those services are going to cost them. And they’ll use these factors to make a final decision on which funeral home to work with. But there is also one other factor that they should consider when it comes to funeral homes: Location! A funeral home should be set up in the right spot before you start working with them. Here’s why location is so important.

Helps families get back and forth to funeral homes during the planning process

While a family is working their way through the process of planning Sarasota, FL funeral services for a loved one, they’re going to go to and from the funeral home a bunch of times. This is the first reason why the funeral home needs to be in a good location. If it’s too far away, it’s going to turn traveling to and from the funeral home into a huge hassle for a family. It’s also going to make the funeral planning process even more stressful than it should be.

Makes it easy for other people to find the funeral home for funeral services

Unless a family is going to hold private funeral services for their loved one, there are going to be a lot of people who show up to pay tribute to them at a funeral home. These people are going to need to be able to find the funeral home without a problem, which is another reason why the location of a funeral home is so important. If a funeral home is hidden in the middle of a big city or situated out in the middle of nowhere, it’s not going to be in an ideal spot. A family might have to spend a ton of time fielding calls from those who can’t find the funeral home.

Ensures that everyone has a place to park during funeral services

When people start to arrive at a funeral home for a person’s funeral services, they’re going to need to have somewhere to park. But it won’t always be possible for them to park when funeral homes are set up in certain locations. This is one more reason why a family needs to look for a funeral home in a good location. The best funeral homes are those that can provide plenty of parking for the people who are going to attend funeral services inside of them.

funeral homes in Sarasota, FL

Puts families in close proximity to cemeteries

If a family is going to lay a loved one’s body to rest following their funeral services, they’re going to have to travel from a funeral home to a cemetery to do it. They should do their best to track down a funeral home that’s going to be somewhere in the general vicinity of the cemetery that they’re going to use to bury their loved one. It often makes sense of them to work backwards by choosing a cemetery and then searching for a funeral home that’s relatively close to it.

Maloney Funeral Home LLC is set up in a great location for those families who need to plan burial services or cremation services in Sarasota, FL for their loved ones. Reach out to us today to hear more about what our funeral home can offer to you and your family.

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Items You Should Consider Cremating Alongside a Loved One

Did you know that when you hold cremation services in Longboat Key, FL for a loved one, you can cremate more than just their body? Most crematories will also let you put some other items into your loved one’s cremation container so that they can be cremated, too. You and your family should consider what else you might want to put into the cremation container with your loved one. Take a look at some of the best options that you’ll have below.

Handwritten letters

Is there anything that you wish you would have been able to say to your loved one prior to their death? You can do it by sitting down and writing them a handwritten letter. You can then place this letter into your loved one’s cremation container right before their Longboat Key, FL cremation is set to begin. A lot of families find that writing a letter to a loved one who has passed away can be a very cathartic experience. You might want to consider doing it if you want to get anything off your chest before it’s too late.

Family photographs

Does your family have any special photographs that you might want to cremate along with your loved one? You’re obviously not going to want to cremate any original photos that you can’t replace. But these days, it’s really easy for families to print out photos that they like so that they can include them in their loved ones’ cremation containers. You might want to try sticking a few into your loved one’s container in advance of their cremation.

Poems, song lyrics, prayers, etc.

Are there poems, song lyrics, prayers, etc. that remind you and your family of your loved one? If there are, you may want to print them out and place them into your loved one’s cremation container. You might also want to incorporate them into the funeral services that you decide to hold for your loved one. You’ll think about your loved one every time you hear these poems, song lyrics, prayers, etc. in the future when you use them as part of their cremation services.

cremation services in Longboat Key, FL

Stuffed animals

Would you like to have some of the kids in your family put an item into your loved one’s cremation container? You might want to go with stuffed animals for them. You can tell the kids that these stuffed animals will keep your loved one company throughout the course of their cremation. It’ll provide the kids with some much-needed comfort and help them to participate in your loved one’s cremation in a small way. Just make sure that your crematory is OK with you including these stuffed animals in your loved one’s cremation container.

At Maloney Funeral Home LLC, we strongly encourage families to go all out when it comes to paying tribute to their loved ones during their cremation services. We’ll help your family do it when you trust our Longboat Key, FL funeral home to set you up with the services that you need. Contact us to begin planning a cremation for a loved one.

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A Guide on How to Heal in the Aftermath of a Loved One’s Death

Going through the healing process following the loss of a loved one can be very challenging for many families. They’re often able to get the process off to a strong start by working with the right funeral homes in Longboat Key, FL. But even then, it’s not always easy for them to work their way through the healing process and find the peace that they so desperately desire. If you and your family are about to embark on this journey, we’ve got some tips that should help you. Check them out below.

Take advantage of the grief counseling services available to you from the start.

While a family is in the process of planning Longboat Key, FL funeral services for a loved one, they’ll usually have the opportunity to take advantage of grief counseling services. You should use these services if they’re available to you to kickstart the healing process. These services can help you wrap your head around the grief that you feel. They can also arm you with the tools that you’re going to need to push forward in life.

Consider signing up for a grief support group in your area.

When you’re grieving a loved one’s loss, it’s easy to feel like you’re doing it all alone. But that is obviously not the case! There are also lots of other people in your area that are grieving a loved one’s loss at this time. There are grief support groups in most areas that you can sign up for so that you can surround yourself with other people who are going through what you’re going through right now. These people might be able to supply you with advice on how to grieve more effectively. You might also be able to help others who are just starting the grieving process, which will benefit you in a big way.

Rely on your family members and friends for support.

While it’s good for you to get out and join a grief support group, that group might only meet for an hour or two each week. It’s going to leave you with a lot of time in between sessions. During this time, you should feel free to lean on your fellow family members and friends for support when you need it. You shouldn’t be shy about contacting those closest to you when you need to talk, cry, or express some other emotions. Your support system needs to be strong if you’re going to heal successfully following a loved one’s loss.

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Make sure that you make every effort to take care of yourself at all times.

It’s not always easy to practice self-care when you’re mourning a loved one’s loss. But you should try your best to do it. You should make sure that you’re eating three healthy meals every day and get more than enough exercise during the day and sleep at night. The more proactive you are about taking care of yourself, the better off you’re going to be in the long run when it comes to healing.

Do you need help healing following a loved one’s loss? Maloney Funeral Home LLC can provide you with the resources that you’ll need to do it when you make Longboat Key, FL funeral arrangements for a loved one through us. Call us today to hear more about the resources that we have available for families.

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