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Reasons to Bury a Person’s Remains Following Cremation Services

When you’re first starting to plan out a loved one’s cremation services in Lakewood Ranch, FL, you might not consider the idea of burying their remains at the end of them. This almost feels like it would defeat the purpose of cremating them in the first place. But there are actually several different benefits that you would get to enjoy by burying your loved one’s remains as opposed to doing something else with them. Discover some of the top reasons to bury a person’s remains following cremation services below.

Ensures that your loved one’s remains will stay safe and sound for many years to come

If you decide to keep your loved one’s remains rather than burying them following their Lakewood Ranch, FL cremation, you’re going to have to work hard to keep them safe in the coming years. There is a chance that they could get destroyed in a house fire or stolen during a home burglary. You won’t have to be concerned about these kinds of things happening when you bury a person’s remains. You’ll know that they’re going to be safe at all times no matter what.

Gives your family a place to gather to visit your loved one’s remains

Members of your family are likely going to want to visit with your loved one’s remains from time to time. This could, however, be very inconvenient for both you and them if you have the remains in your home. When you bury the remains, it’ll provide your entire family with a good place to go and visit your loved one’s remains whenever they want. You won’t have to worry about them constantly coming over to your house to see the remains, and they won’t have to worry about disturbing you all the time.

Provides your family with a chance to invest in a headstone for your loved one

When you bury your loved one’s remains, you’ll do more than just put them into the ground and leave them there. You’ll also likely invest in a headstone that you’ll place over the top of where their remains are buried. This will give your family an opportunity to pay tribute to your loved one and their legacy. You’ll be able to use their headstone to honor them by including everything from their name to a special quote on it.

cremation services in Lakewood Ranch, FL

Prevents your family from having to decide what to do with your loved one’s remains in the distant future

You might be capable of taking your loved one’s remains home with you and protecting them now. But what’s going to happen to the remains one day when you’re not around anymore to watch over them? There is going to come a time when you and your family will have to figure out what you’re going to do with them next. This isn’t going to be an issue when you choose to bury their remains. Your whole family will know right where they’re going to stay, and future generations will be able to visit the remains to learn more about their history.

Are you trying to decide what to do with a loved one’s remains following cremation? A good Lakewood Ranch, FL funeral home can help you make the decision. Maloney Funeral Home LLC can lend a hand with all your cremation needs. Give us a call today to discuss your family’s options.

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How to Pick the Perfect Caskets for Loved Ones at Funeral Homes

In theory, it seems as though it should be simple enough to select a casket for a loved one when working with one of the funeral homes in Lakewood Ranch, FL. But once you see how many caskets are out there for you to choose from, it’s very easy to get overwhelmed with all your options. With this in mind, you should find out how to take the right approach for shopping for a casket for a loved one before you get started. It’ll ensure that you’re able to track down the best possible option. Here is how to pick the perfect casket for a loved one at a funeral home.

Begin by coming up with a budget for a casket.

One of the things you’re going to notice when you begin shopping for caskets for your loved one’s Lakewood Ranch, FL funeral services is that they’re going to come in a wide range of prices. You can find some caskets that are just a few hundred dollars and others that will run you tens of thousands of dollars. Your goal should be to locate a casket that’s going to fit into your price range. And in order to do that, you’re going to need to have a budget for a casket in mind from the very start. Decide what you can afford to spend on a casket prior to shopping for one.

Learn about the different caskets that are available.

Outside of seeing that caskets are available for many different prices, you’re also going to see that there are many different kinds of caskets out there in the world. From very simple wood caskets to more ornate metal ones, there won’t be any shortage of options for you to pick from. You should browse through as many options as you can and start narrowing them down to just the kinds of caskets that you like most. Doing this should knock a bunch of caskets off your list and make your decision more manageable.

Think about what kind of casket your loved one would have liked.

The casket that you ultimately decide to buy for your loved one’s funeral services should be a representation of them. If they were very modest and quiet, you’ll likely want to go with a casket that’s on the simpler side. If they loved fashion and enjoyed being the center of attention, a stylish casket might be a much better fit for them. You should think about whether or not they would have liked a casket prior to purchasing it. It’ll help to tell the story of the kind of person that they were.

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Consider customizing a casket for your loved one.

Customizing a casket isn’t going to be in everyone’s budget. There are some families that won’t be able to afford to do it. But if your family has the funds to splurge on a casket, you might want to consider customizing some aspects of your loved one’s casket. You can pick a custom liner for their casket. You can also have something engraved on the inside and/or outside of their casket. It’s not a bad idea to at least think about customizing your loved one’s casket in some way.

Finding the perfect casket for a loved one doesn’t have to be challenging. When you make Lakewood Ranch, FL funeral arrangements through a funeral home like Maloney Funeral Home LLC, it won’t be too hard at all. Reach out to us to learn more about how we can help you to plan out funeral services for a loved one.

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Where Should You Scatter Remains After Cremation Services?

Are you and your family interested in scattering a loved one’s remains at the conclusion of their cremation services in Sarasota, FL? This has turned into a very popular option for many families. They like the idea of scattering their loved one’s remains in a place that was special to them. You should, however, be careful about where you scatter a loved one’s remains. You unfortunately won’t be able to do it on private property. There are lots of great options for where you can scatter someone’s remains, though. Check some of them out below.

Out at sea

To be clear, scattering a person’s remains on a beach following their Sarasota, FL cremation is not allowed. You could get into big trouble for doing this. But if you’re willing to take a person’s remains several miles off the coast, you can scatter their remains out at sea. You just need to follow the rules and regulations that have been established by the U.S. Coast Guard. It could be a great fit to scatter your loved one’s remains if they were someone who enjoyed spending time by the water.

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In a national park

It might not seem as though the country’s national parks would be open to families scattering their loved one’s remains. But believe it or not, most of them have come around to this idea. You should see if the national park that you and your family are considering would allow you to scatter your loved one’s remains there. As long as you ask for permission and follow the rules that national parks have set up, you could be in luck.

On a nature trail

If you don’t live within driving distance of a national park, scattering a loved one’s remains in one might be out of the question. But how about going with the next best thing and scattering their remains on a nature trail located somewhere in the vicinity of your home? You should probably avoid scattering them right on the trail since it could lead to hikers stomping over them and carrying them around on their shoes. But if you take just a few steps off a nearby nature trail, it could prove to be the perfect spot to scatter a loved one’s remains.

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Up on a mountain

If you’re lucky enough to live near a mountain and you don’t mind hiking up it, that could be the ideal location to scatter your loved one’s remains. There is a certain spiritual sense that will come along with making your way up a mountain and scattering a person’s remains there. Not everyone lives close enough to a mountain to make this an option. But it’s something to consider if you have a mountain in your area.

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It’s good to think about what you’re going to do with a loved one’s remains prior to their cremation. But you should also make sure that you spend enough time thinking about which Sarasota, FL funeral home you’re going to use to cremate them. Maloney Funeral Home LLC is one of the best options that you’ll have. Contact us to discover why so many families have trusted us to carry out cremations for them.

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What Your Family Should Expect From a Great Funeral Director

When you walk into one of the funeral homes in Sarasota, FL for the first time, you’re going to be greeted by a funeral director. And as you might expect, they’re going to lead the way as you look to make funeral arrangements for a loved one. But ideally, your funeral director should also do more than just that. Great funeral directors will go above and beyond for the families they work with and set them up with all kinds of fantastic services. Find out what your family should expect from a great funeral director below.

They should start by setting out to ease your troubled mind.

Prior to helping you plan out Sarasota, FL funeral services for your loved one, a funeral home will spend some time speaking with you to see what kind of condition you’re in. There are many families that are overcome with grief when making funeral arrangements for loved ones and struggle to focus on the task at hand. A great funeral home will seek to ease your troubled mind by talking to you about how you’re feeling and potentially providing you with grief counseling services. It’ll get the funeral planning process off to a strong start.

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They should break down the differences between burial and cremation services.

If you’ve never had to make funeral arrangements for a loved one before, you might not know about all the differences between burial and cremation services. Since choosing between a burial versus a cremation is such a big decision, a funeral director should arm you with all the information that you’ll need to make the right call. They should also field any and all questions that you might have and answer them to the best of their ability so that you’re not confused about a thing.

They should ask you for a budget and work to stick to it.

Planning out a funeral from start to finish can be a very expensive undertaking if you’re not careful. It’s why a great funeral director should ask you to come up with a budget for a loved one’s funeral services and then set out to stick to it throughout the process. A great funeral director will make sure that you don’t spend any more than you can afford to spend while making funeral arrangements for your loved one.

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They should take your calls and respond to your emails throughout the funeral planning process.

There are going to be lots of times throughout the funeral planning process when you’ll want to get in touch with your funeral director for one reason or another. A great funeral director isn’t going to have any problems answering your phone calls and getting back to any emails that you send them. They should make you feel like they’re working on your behalf at all times as you set out to put together the perfect funeral plans.

When you and your family visit Maloney Funeral Home LLC to make Sarasota, FL funeral arrangements for a loved one, you’ll work closely with a great funeral director the whole time. It’ll make the whole experience so much more pleasant than it would be otherwise. Call us to kickstart the funeral planning process today.

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