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How Long Do Cremation Services Take From Start to Finish?

If you’ve never cremated a loved one before, then you might not have the slightest idea of how long it’s going to take for their cremation services in Longboat Key, FL to play out. This can create some confusion when it comes time to plan a person’s cremation as well as any funeral services that will be held for them. You should take the time to learn how long cremation services usually take to get going before you do anything else. Discover more about it below.

How long does it take to cremate someone?

It’s impossible to say exactly how long that it’ll take to cremate someone. It all depends on which Longboat Key, FL funeral home you choose to some degree. But generally speaking, most funeral homes are able to cremate a person within about one week from the start of the process. This will give them the time that they need to create a death certificate for a person, register a person’s death with the state, and do all the other things that are a necessary part of the cremation process.

Is there a way to speed up the process?

Families usually want to try and cremate their loved ones as quickly as they can following their deaths. If your family wants to do this, there are some things you can do to speed up the process. You can, first and foremost, choose a funeral home that has a reputation for providing families with a seamless experience when cremating their loved ones. You can also make sure that you go down to that funeral home right away following a loved one’s loss armed with all the paperwork you’ll need to get down to business. This could very well speed up the process and help you cremate a loved one quicker.

How long will the cremation itself take?

The good news for those who want to cremate a loved one quickly is that the cremation itself isn’t going to take very long at all. While the actual time might vary depending on a person’s height and weight, most people are cremated within just 2 or 3 hours. Sometimes, the cremation can be even quicker than that. This means that, as long as you’re able to get to a point where a person’s cremation can begin quickly, the cremation itself isn’t going to take a whole lot of time.

When should I plan out a person’s funeral when they’re being cremated?

cremation services in Longboat Key, FLMany families choose to wait until they have their loved ones’ remains back before they hold a funeral service for them. If this is your plan, you shouldn’t start planning any kind of service out until you know when your loved one’s cremation is going to be held. This will involve you working closely with your preferred funeral home. They should be able to shed some light on what day you should be able to get your loved one’s remains back so that you can plan a service for sometime after it.

How to plan a memorial service after cremation?

After the death of a loved one, the question of how to commemorate their life can be difficult. For those who have chosen cremation, there are a number of different ways to plan a memorial service that celebrates the life of the deceased:

    1. Deciding whether the service will be held before or after the cremation is important. If it is to be held afterward, then the urn containing the ashes can be prominently displayed. Alternatively, an empty urn can be placed on a pedestal if the service is to be held before cremation.
    2. It is important to choose readings and music that reflect the life and personality of the deceased.
    3. It is helpful to create a guest book in which attendees can share their memories of the deceased.

By following these simple steps, it is possible to create a memorial service that is both personal and meaningful.

When you decide to cremate a loved one through Maloney Funeral Home LLC, we’ll work hard to keep the cremation process moving along for you. We’ll also work hard to help you make the proper Longboat Key, FL funeral arrangements for your loved one. Give us a call now to hear more about the cremation services that we can set you up with.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why does it take so long to cremate a body?

The time it takes to cremate a body depends on the size of the body, the type of fuel used in the crematorium, and the temperature of the fire. For an average-sized adult body, it generally takes two to three hours to cremate the remains completely.

Is direct cremation cheaper?

It can be, depending on the funeral home. Typically, the cost of a cremation is less than the cost of a burial. However, it’s important to compare prices between funeral homes, as costs can vary.

Can you pay for the cremation in advance?

Yes, it is possible to pay for cremation in advance. This is often done through pre-planned funeral arrangements. By paying for the cremation services in advance, you can lock in the current price and avoid unforeseen costs later. This can be a helpful way to ease the financial burden on your loved ones after you pass away.

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Why Funeral Homes Take the Time to Offer Grief Counseling Services

When you visit one of the funeral homes in Longboat Key, FL to make funeral arrangements for a loved one, they should be able to provide you with more than just funeral services. They should also be ready, willing, and able to extend grief counseling services to you. These grief counseling services will go a long way when it comes to helping you and your family. Here are some of the reasons why these services are so important in the grand scheme of things.

They help you come to terms with a loved one’s death.

Oftentimes, families will be in a state of shock when they first find out about the death of a loved one. They’ll sometimes struggle to wrap their heads around a loved one’s loss and might even deny that their loved one has died. Grief counseling services will help you and your family to come to terms with the death of a loved one. You’ll be able to understand what’s happening around you better when you go through even just a little bit of grief counseling.

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They allow you to process your grief more effectively.

Once you’ve come to grips with a loved one’s loss, it’s going to jumpstart the grieving process. Everyone processes grief a little bit differently, but we all have to go through it in some form or fashion. You’ll be able to process your grief better than you would otherwise when you go through grief counseling. A grief counselor will be able to help you work your way through the various emotions that you’re feeling.

They make it easier for you to focus on funeral planning.

When you’re overwhelmed with grief, it’s going to make it very, very difficult for you to make Longboat Key, FL funeral arrangements for a loved one. You’re not going to be able to sit down and focus for long enough to get the job done. Grief counseling services will make it possible for you to compartmentalize your grief so that you’re able to make clearheaded decisions while making funeral plans for your loved one. This is something that might not be plausible for some people who are grieving.

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They arm you with the tools you’ll need to work your way through the entire grieving process.

The grieving process isn’t something that’s going to play out over the course of just a few days. It can take weeks, months, and sometimes even years for you to go through all the different stages of grief. But you’ll be able to get yourself off to a strong start when you arm yourself with the necessary tools through the use of grief counseling. Working with a funeral home that can provide it for you will make the grieving process slightly easier on you.

funeral homes in Longboat Key, FL

When you come to Maloney Funeral Home LLC to plan out Longboat Key, FL funeral services for a loved one, we’ll set you up with the grief counseling services you need. We’ll also help you map out burial or cremation services for your loved one. Reach out to us now to schedule a meeting with a funeral director.

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Things You Can Do With a Person’s Remains After Cremation Services

Once your loved one’s cremation services in Lakewood Ranch, FL are complete, you and your family are going to receive their cremated remains. At that point, it’ll be up to you to decide what exactly you want to do with them. You’ll have several options as far as what you can do with their remains, and you should take the time to learn about each of them. Here are several things that you can do with a person’s remains following their cremation services.

Put them out on display in your home.

Would you and your family like to keep your loved one’s remains in your possession at the end of their Lakewood Ranch, FL cremation? You’re more than welcome to put them into an urn and then take them home with you. Many families will create displays in their homes that include their loved one’s urn and photos of them. It’s a great way for families to maintain a connection with their deceased family members as they move forward.

Bury them in a cemetery.

Would you and your family rather not have your loved one’s remains in your home? Some families don’t like the responsibility that comes along with protecting a loved one’s remains. Others don’t love the idea of having a person’s remains in their homes. Whatever the case, you’ll also have the option to bury your loved one’s remains in a cemetery if you would like. This is a terrific option for families who want to put their loved one’s remains in a spot that’s safe while also providing their fellow family members and friends with a place to go and visit the remains.

Store them in a columbarium.

Do you like the idea of keeping your loved one’s remains someplace outside of your home but don’t like the thought of burying them in the ground? You might also want to consider storing your loved one’s remains in what’s called a columbarium. It’s a structure located inside of a cemetery that features different cremation niches that are designed to hold urns in them. You can have your loved one’s urn placed into one of these niches for safekeeping and enjoy all the same benefits that you would if you were to bury your loved one’s remains.

Scatter them someplace special.

Did your loved one specifically request for your family to scatter their remains in a special place, or does your family think that this would be the best option for them? Then you should try and come up with the right place to put your loved one’s remains and hold a scattering ceremony for your loved one there. Doing this will require you to part ways with your loved one’s remains forever, but it’ll also provide your family with a special place to gather anytime you want to remember your loved one.

cremation services in Lakewood Ranch, FL

Before you can even begin to kick the tires on any of the ideas listed here, you’re going to need to have your loved one cremated at a Lakewood Ranch, FL funeral home. Let Maloney Funeral Home LLC handle every aspect of the planning process as you make funeral arrangements for your loved one. Contact us today for more information on our cremation services.

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Signs That Funeral Homes Might Not Be a Perfect Fit for Families

From the outside looking in, a lot of funeral homes in Lakewood Ranch, FL might look the same to you. But once you get inside of them, you’ll find that there are quite a few things that set them apart. It’s why you need to conduct a thorough search when you’re in the market for one. The last thing you want to do is just pick the first funeral home you can find and let them handle making funeral arrangements for a loved one. Let’s take a closer look at some of the signs that’ll let you know a funeral home is not a perfect fit for you and your family. It’ll help you inch closer to finding the right funeral home in the end.

They don’t have a whole lot of experience.

If a funeral home hasn’t been around for very long, you’re probably not going to want to trust them to provide you with Lakewood Ranch, FL funeral services. The only exception to this rule will be if a funeral home has a lot of very experienced employees working in it even though the funeral home itself hasn’t been around for many years. Your family should always select a funeral home that is going to be able to bring a wealth of experience to the table.

They don’t offer the right services.

Most funeral homes can offer the basic funeral services, but if you need anything beyond that, you’re going to want to push yourself to find one of the best funeral homes in the business. For example, there are some funeral homes that will only offer direct cremation services. So if you want to hold a traditional funeral and viewing for a loved one prior to their cremation, they’re not going to be a great fit for you. You should always inquire as to which funeral services a funeral home offers and try to track down one that has the services you know you need.

They aren’t set up in the right location.

You and your family are likely going to be making multiple trips to a funeral home. You’re also going to be asking guests to drive to and from your funeral home on the day of your loved one’s services. With these things in mind, you obviously need a funeral home that’s set up in an ideal location. You should make sure that it’s easy for everyone to access it. You should also check to see how much parking is available so that that doesn’t turn into a problem for anyone.

They don’t extend affordable prices.

Despite what you might think, not all funeral homes are going to be able to deliver affordable prices on funeral services to you and your family. There are some that are going to charge you way more than others. You should come up with a budget for a loved one’s funeral services before you begin shopping around for funeral homes and then set out to find one that’s going to fit nicely into your family’s budget. If a funeral home has services that cost too much, it’ll be a clear-cut sign that you should take your business elsewhere.

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You won’t spot any of these signs of trouble when you work with a reputable funeral home like Maloney Funeral Home LLC. We can assist you in every way as you strive to make Lakewood Ranch, FL funeral arrangements for your loved one. Call us today to kickstart the funeral planning process with our help.

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