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cremation services in Lakewood Ranch, FL

Why Are Cremation Services More Popular Than Burial Services?

Many years ago, the idea of people picking cremation services in Lakewood Ranch, FL over burial services seemed far-fetched. Just about everyone used to go with burial services as opposed to cremation services. But nowadays, there are more people choosing to go with cremation services than ever before. In fact, more than 50 percent of people are now opting to go with cremation services and that number is expected to rise by leaps and bounds in the years to come. Wondering why that is? Here are some of the reasons why cremation services are becoming more popular than burial services in this day and age.

Cremation services typically cost a lot less than burial services.

One of the biggest reasons why Lakewood Ranch, FL cremations have become more popular than burials is because they’re often more affordable. Most families only have to pay a fraction of what they would have to pay for burials when planning out cremations. This has led to many families at least considering the possibility of cremating their loved ones, which wasn’t always the case. They appreciate how much money they can save by going with cremations over burials.

They’re also a lot easier to plan.

If you’ve never planned a burial before, you might be surprised by how much work goes into it. There are so many moving pieces that have to be dealt with when making funeral arrangements for someone who is going to be buried. This isn’t usually the case when it comes to cremation services. Families are able to plan cremations from start to finish without enduring too much of a hassle.

They’re more socially acceptable than they used to be.

Once upon a time, cremation was frowned upon by most families simply because of the stigma that existed around it. But these days, it has become a more socially acceptable option thanks to all the information out there about it. Most major religions have also come around to accepting cremation, which has also no doubt helped its general perception. People now feel like they can think about going with cremations over burials without people looking down upon them for doing it.

cremation services in Lakewood Ranch, FLThey’re a great option for transient families.

For a long time, most families used to spend their entire lives living in the same exact place. They would set up shop in a specific city and stay there, often for generations at a time. But in 2020, families have become more transient than in years past. This has made some of them consider going with cremations for their loved ones since it allows them to bring their cremated remains along with them as they move around throughout their lives rather than leaving their loved one’s remains behind by burying them.

Are you interested in finding out some of the other advantages of going with cremation services over burial services? At Maloney Funeral Home, LLC, we’re a Lakewood Ranch, FL funeral home that specializes in helping families plan cremations for their loved ones. Give us a call to find out more about our cremation services.

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5 Essential Qualities That All Great Funeral Homes Must Have

When you and your family are in the market for a funeral home, you might be under the impression that all funeral homes in Lakewood Ranch, FL are more or less the same. But in reality, this couldn’t be further from the truth. While many funeral homes might look and feel similar to you, the truth is that most funeral homes have distinguishing qualities that set them apart. That being said, there are some qualities that all great funeral homes need to have. Learn about these five qualities below.


When you visit a funeral home to make Lakewood Ranch, FL funeral arrangements for a loved one, you’re usually beside yourself with grief. There is so much pain and anguish that comes along with mourning the loss of a loved one. Great funeral homes realize this, and they go above and beyond to provide families with the compassion that they need. They welcome them in with open arms and do everything in their power to ensure that they’re well taken care of throughout their time at a funeral home.


In addition to providing people with a healthy dose of compassion when they visit a funeral home, great funeral homes will also make sure they’re able to plan their loved one’s services from start to finish. To do this, they’ll show off their organizational skills and work to keep every aspect of a person’s services in good order. This will reduce the amount of stress that a family feels while making funeral arrangements for their loved ones.


There are times when families will ask funeral homes for very simple, basic services for their loved ones. But there are also times when they’ll ask them to customize their loved one’s services to make them unique. In order for them to complete this task, they’ll need to demonstrate a certain sense of creativity. By doing this, they’ll be able to provide families with the funeral services that they’re looking for for their loved ones.


Planning funeral services for someone can be very challenging because of all the different things that go into it. Plans are always changing, too, which can make funeral planning even more difficult than it would be otherwise. With this in mind, funeral homes must be 100 percent dedicated to assisting the families that they work with. It has to be easy to reach them at almost any time of the day or night if any funeral plans change.


Most families can’t afford to spend an arm and a leg at a funeral home making funeral arrangements for their loved ones. It’s why great funeral homes have to be able to provide them with fair and honest prices on their services. They should work to keep their costs low so that they can help families stick to their budgets when planning funeral services for their loved ones.

funeral homes in Lakewood Ranch, FL

You’ll find that Maloney Funeral Home, LLC has all five of these qualities when you agree to work with us while planning a loved one’s Lakewood Ranch, FL funeral services. We also have lots of other qualities that separate us from the pack. Reach out to us today to schedule a meeting with a funeral director.

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Tips for Tracking Down the Best Cremation Services Provider

Do you need to plan out cremation services in Sarasota, FL for a loved one? If you’re never done this before, it can be an overwhelming process. The simple act of finding a funeral home to provide you with the cremation services you need can cause a lot of unnecessary stress during a particularly tough time in your life. Fortunately, there are some tips that you can put to good use that will make the cremation process easier than it would be otherwise. Find out how to track down the best cremation services provider in your area below.

Start by seeing which local funeral homes offer cremation services.

In 2020, just about all Sarasota, FL funeral homes offer cremation services. The cremation rate has risen so rapidly over the last 20 years or so that funeral homes can’t afford not to offer cremation services. But even still, you should make sure that you check to see which funeral homes in the area can extend cremation services to you. There are inevitably going to be a few funeral homes that specialize in providing burial services as opposed to cremation services. You won’t want to waste any time trying to work with them.

Figure out which specific cremation services a funeral home offers.

There are lots of different types of cremation services that funeral homes can provide. Some deal mostly with those people looking to set up simple direct cremation services, while others spend most of their time helping families map out cremation services with funerals or memorial services. It’s your job to decide which cremation services you need and then locate a funeral home that is capable of providing them to you.

Make sure a funeral home has more than enough experience with cremation services.

Although a lot of funeral homes offer cremation services to those who want to take advantage of them these days, not all of them have extensive experience when it comes to doing it. Anytime you can, you should always look for funeral homes that have a wealth of experience as far as carrying out cremations is concerned. You’ll feel so much better about handing over your loved one’s body to them when you know that they know exactly what they’re doing.

Think about the costs that come along with obtaining cremation services from different funeral homes.

While most funeral homes can provide people with cremation services nowadays, they all tend to charge different prices for these services. It’s why you need to reach out to several funeral homes and ask them to give you a price list for their cremation services. You might be able to save yourself some money by going with one funeral home over another funeral home located right down the street from it. It’s worth investigating the costs associated with cremation services at different funeral homes before picking one funeral home over all the rest.

cremation services in Sarasota, FL

Looking for an experienced funeral home that can help you plan your loved one’s Sarasota, FL cremation? Maloney Funeral Home, LLC can get the job done for you. Contact us now to start making funeral arrangements for your loved one.

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How to Find the Right Funeral Home for a Loved One’s Services

When a loved one dies, you should take the time to honor their life and their legacy by staging services at one of the funeral homes in Sarasota, FL. But you shouldn’t pick just any old funeral home to host their services. Instead, you should do your due diligence and attempt to track down the best funeral home in the area. It’ll ensure that your loved one’s services go off without a hitch from start to finish. Here are some tips on how to locate the right funeral home for a loved one’s services.

Begin by browsing through all your available options.

If you’ve planned a loved one’s Sarasota, FL funeral services in the past, you might have a decent idea of which funeral homes are opening in the area. But if you’ve never done it before, you should start your search for a funeral home by Googling “funeral homes near me” and taking a good, long look at your available options. You should create a list of the funeral homes that appear and then make it a point to visit each and every one of their websites to learn more about them.

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Ask family members and friends which funeral homes they would recommend.

You might not have a lot of experience planning funeral services. But there’s a good chance that you have family members and friends who have planned services over the years. Don’t be afraid to rely on them for assistance when you need funeral home suggestions. Call up a few of your family members and friends and ask which funeral homes they would and wouldn’t recommend. It can help you narrow down the long list you put together.

Check out online reviews for the different funeral homes in your area.

In addition to asking your family members and friends for funeral home recommendations, you should also turn to those in your community for help. See if you can find online reviews for the different funeral homes in your area that look good to you. These online reviews will tell you so much about the funeral homes that you’re thinking about using. You’ll know a funeral home is worth your time if they’ve managed to stack up nothing but positive reviews.

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Consider the costs associated with the various funeral homes on your list.

Most funeral homes will be more than happy to provide you with a price list for their specific funeral services if you ask for one. This price list will help you pick and choose which funeral homes are ultimately going to fit into your budget. The last thing you want to do is fall in love with one particular funeral home only to find out that they’re not a good fit financially. You should keep the costs associated with different funeral homes in the back of your mind at all times.

funeral homes in Sarasota, FL

One of the things that you’re going to find when searching for a funeral home to make Sarasota, FL funeral arrangements through is that Maloney Funeral Home, LLC is one of the best funeral homes in the business. We can provide you with traditional burial services as well as cremation services. Call us today to find out more about the funeral services that we can offer to you.

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